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Saturday, January 04, 2014

HouXiang 后巷肠粉记 @ Taman SEA

A rather new restaurant with interesting concept around the neighborhood.
It will be a nice place to enjoy local favorites in a modern vintage setting. 

HouXiang 后巷肠粉记 @ Taman SEA
the reason why i think it's cool, because they basically serve all the variations of Chee Cheong Fun in Malaysia!! Yes, you name it, they have it! From the red sauce one(Ipoh) to curry gravy, and then dark sweet sauce and also light soya sauce....and lots more! Besides, there's a wide range of Yong Tau Fu 酿料, snacks and dessert. I'm impressed with the menu.  

Penang Style Chee Cheong Fun -- RM4.50
when it comes to penang, of course we're talking about their famous prawn paste!!
to be very honest, at first taste, there will be a rather uncomfortable salty fishy taste of the prawn paste, but the more you eat, the rich flavor of prawn paste starts coming out, goes well with the plain and chewy CheeCheongFun. 

KL Sweet Sauce CCF -- RM4.50
in terms of looks, there's not much difference with the prawnpaste wan, but the taste is totally different
slightly sweet and fragrant dark sauce, gives a simple enhance to the yummy CheeCheongFun.

Stuffed Egg Plant -- RM1.70/pc
Pork Ball -- RM1.70/pc
pricey in my opinion, plus it's nothing really special. 

Kaya Butter Toast
wished they give a more generous portion of butter and kaya
the bread, too thick and it's not crunchy
makes it really hard to chew.

Cham (front) -- RM3.50
Milo (behind) -- RM4.20
I love how they use the nostalgic steel cups and plates for serving!
btw, I love the Cham...very creamy hehe...
and a nice balance of both coffee and tea. 

Conclusion: The food may not worth its price, but the 60s nostalgic ambience is really a wow factor. I'd recommend having their reasonably priced and wide range CheeCheongFun instead of the rather pricey and not so yummy YongTauFu. There's free wi-fi!!

Hou Xiang 后巷肠粉记
47-G, Jalan SS23/15,
Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya. 
Tel: 03-74971253

Houxiang Branch @ Bandar Sri Damansara
No. 17, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/2, 
Bandar Sri Damansara, 
52200 Kuala Lumpur

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