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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Girls Day Out : Tous Les Jours

Here comes part 2 of our girls day out at downtown Bukit Bintang
after the super filling lunch at Mr. Dakgalbi, we kinda shopped around, just to burn off some of the calories before we pursue something more sinful....desserts!

Tous Les Jour @ WOLO Bukit Bintang

This super pretty bakery-cafe within the bustling shopping district. Perfect for people to take a break after all the shopping or maybe just a weekend tea time session with the family or friends. I really love the interior, the cafe spans over two floors with brick walls, double-storey windows, and you can't miss the super sized chandeliers, giving the perfect lighting to set the vintage yet urban mood. I never been to any foreign countries, but for some reason(maybe quite a lot angmos), it does felt like I'm in a foreign country's cafe. But it was super packed though, I guess it's because we went in at the peak hour which is 3pm,  the crowd got smaller as the evening approaches. 

The ground floor is the bakery where you can pick and order your cakes and pastries. The display is really pretty, it was meant to be like a french boulangerie. To my surprise, the pastries and cakes are not as expensive as I thought despite being a cafe situated in a major tourist area. You could have easily spent more than this if you went to any of the recent hipsters cafe in KL.  

Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake Slice -- RM8.00
well I guess it's been a while since I last had something simple. With all the recent craze for cheesecakes, mousse cakes, icecream cakes etc, spongecake was almost forgotten
But this simple one with super light tasting whipped cream and caramelized strawberry will be something that you'll miss.
Like the soft and fluffy texture of sponge cake and the sweet and sour strawberries 

Tiramisu Cup -- RM8.90
I thought it taste okay only....just very smooth and mild aroma of cheese and coffee blended together when u take a scoop from top to bottom. 
Macarons -- RM4.50 each
We had blueberry and chocolate flavor ones. 
No need me to tell u which color is which right haha
The blueberry one is better since the taste is not that heavy and overwhelming
a little bit of fruity taste to pair with the sweet almond meringue layer. 
chocolate filling was abit too sweet as the macaron itself is already quite sweet. 

It was a super hot day, after all the walking under the big sun, we all ordered cold drinks. 
From left to right
Caramel Latte -- RM9.00
Mocha -- RM10.00
Cappuccino -- RM9.00
Like the cappuccino since it's not that sweet so it's something that could neutralize all the sugar from the desserts. 

To be very honest, I think the cakes and drinks are quite tasty but not like superb, maybe I didn't order the correct thing. Was thinking whether it's worth it to spend this amount, but yes it is, coz the ambience is really great. Really felt relaxed and it was great to chat with friends and of course, with this beautiful setting, of course gotta take insta-worthy photos la!!

Anyways thanks to my two friends who brought me here to enjoy a fun Sunday afternoon...

Love the pretty chandeliers

Enjoying the view of the busy Golden Triangle. 

Anyhow, there's a lot to offer from their menu
Will definitely come back to try some of their savory/mains and also pastries...

Tous Les Jour
126, 126A-C, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur. 

Check out TLJ's website for the location of other TLJ outlets!

Okay la, gonna end this pose with SWAG
okay sorry, SWAG was the wrong word
Love Bruce Wayne 
Superman Mou Ngan Tai hahahahah

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