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Friday, July 04, 2014

Sukiya @ Taipan USJ

TGIF with my chui shui gang again!!!
One of the best fridays ever!!!!
Why, coz I had a really really stressful week
well won't complaint much about my work here...maybe another post
but ya, it was just stress, I felt like a pressure tank that week,
Anyways, got to meet up with my high school buddies and turns out they were as stress as I was
Everyone needed a relief!

How to pamper ourselves?? Good food la!
Our first stop, went to the not-so-famous but very yummy

Sukiya @ USJ Taipan

While we were on the way to subang, thinking of how to answer The Hardest Question in The World -- "Eat What?", suddenly Gavin thought of this place and the next thing we know, it seems like nothing can stop him from going there haha...Gavin says their Gyudon rocks...and yes he's right!

Both yummy and affordable, Sukiya is a rather unique fast food restaurant that sells Gyudon aka Japanese Beef Rice. Well no worries for those who don't take beef, there's other alternatives on the menu as well. To my surprise the place was quite empty on a Friday night. For a fast food restaurant the ambience is actually pretty good, but still you can't get rid of the super strong greasy smell that all fast food chain has.   

Japanese Fast Food lerr!!
Like like...

Cheese Gyudon (Large) -- RM12.90
Gavin's choice, nothing can go wrong with this steak and cheese combination! On top of that there's a mild yet aromatic flavor of teriyaki sauce I guess, and extra sweetness from caramelised onions.
By the way, like any other fast food restaurant, you can choose the size for your meal.
There's Small Medium and Large bowl, with RM2.00 difference in price from each size.  

Kimchi Gyudon (Small) -- RM8.90
Me and Daph's
Love it!!! Spicy and sour cabbage with the sweet and chewy beef strips. I don't know what word to use to describe the beef, erm.....the flavor, I know not everyone likes it, but I really like the only-beef-has-it taste. It's so strong that the smell can rush up to your nostrils after you placed it on your tongue. Sounds exaggerating but I'm not. Rice is the soft type but with a little crunch, and it absorbs all the flavors of the sauce. Nice!

Seafood Tofu Set Add On -- RM5.00
Miso Soup (ala carte) -- RM2.50
The Add On includes this seafood tofu and also one drink/miso soup.
I didn't feel like having soft drinks so I asked for miso soup.
Tofu was really normal, well I guess for 5 bucks it's still worth it, but I suggest there's no need to have this add on, maybe try others.

Anyways I would say the Extra Point for this restaurant being casual dining with delicious food at affordable prices. Try this place if you want a special fast food experience.  

Suddenly realize that Me and Daph are wearing similar styles haha
saw this pretty wall with interesting photos, decided to take a photo heheh
Thanks Gavin for being the photographer though you very beh tahan and can't wait to dig in. 

Sukiya (beside True Fitness)
No. 6 & 7, Jalan USJ 10/1H,

Phone: 03-8081-3465
Business Hour : 7:00 am - 11:00 pm

heheh really love this photo, both of us smiling so widely.
Grateful to have this girl as a close friend throughout all these years, well we went through different phases I suppose, classmates, close friends, friends (when u left taman sea) then no contact (after high school), then close friends again haha...
anyways thanks for still being the fun and caring Daphney that I know and always so ON whenever I propose to go somewhere. 
Well not to forget our driver Gavin oso larr!!!

More to talk about these awesome people in Part 2 of our night at Cosan's Coffee
stay tuned hehe...

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