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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Garage 51 @ Bandar Sunway

Let's talk coffee again!
It's been almost 3 weeks since I started working, well I don't hate my job, but it does get stressful. Glad that this bunch of friends Jio-ed me for a weekday night coffee talk. And finally get to indulge in this super famous coffee shop in Bandar Sunway, I'd seen their photos all over Instagram and they always appear on top-coffee-shop lists at several websites. And they are...

The unique and chic Garage 51 @ Bandar Sunway

Don't think the name is just a name, the shop is kinda like a hidden gem among the Car garages in Sunway. I was stupid enough to not check da location before heading out and it took us really long to find the place! The streets were all dark, no shops were opened, and then it felt like we won a treasure hunt when we spot the beautiful coffee shop with vibrant graffiti on the outside.  

It was a weekday night, but the place was almost full! It looks abit like The Factory 30 at first sight, but with a different and stronger sense of identity since it has this garage themed setting, very "Yau Yeng" . And there I found the super cute oil-barrel-transformed chair which many people talked about. 

The menu that looks like those car inspection report. 

Yeucian and Gary both ordered their signature Mochatella. -- RM14.90
Coffee Ice cubes with Nutella and Fresh Milk
Stir till the frozen coffee melts and mingles with the chocolate and milk. 
Sweet, aromatic and creamy. 

Cappuccino -- RM8.90
I didn't feel like having something sweet that night, so the waiter recommended their Cappuccino.
Love it, Smooth milky taste with strong coffee aroma.  
It's not bitter at all. 

Creme Brulee -- RM9.90
Recommended by Yeucian
This is yummy!!! It's not too sweet, just the caramel on top that gives the right amount of sweetness. Once in my mouth, it starts to melt and all the strong creamy flavors starts bursting out. 

We wanted to order their New York Cheesecake since the waiter was hard selling it haha
Turns out it must be really good, coz the moment we decided to try, it's sold out! 
The waiter recommended the 2nd best cake, Strawberry Cheesecake -- RM9.90,(in the photo above) which wasn't really nice...They probably forgot to put sugar LOL

Coffee mates of the night:
Gary, Kuok Fung and Yeucian
These are my NTU uni mates, can't believe we actually meet up in our home country instead of our Pulau NTU in Singapore. Anyways this bunch of people are really funny, sometimes beh tahan them insulting me but it's just fun!! hehe

By the way, dress code of the day was NERD
The bell curve Gods

Another bell curve god beside me. 

Love the ambience anyway, casual yet chic, great for chit-chat sessions with friends
The waiter was too super friendly. 

The place closes around 11pm, went out and took photos like a boss heheh

Favorite shot of the day
Macam yes haha, thanks to the waiter who took our photos...

Will definitely visit this place again, love the environment and also the coffee. 

Garage 51 by Coffee Societe 
51, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway.
Business hours: 11am-11pm
Wi-Fi : Available, Password is idontknow. *sweat*

Well the coffee shop closed at 11pm, 2 hours was in fact not enough for us! For some reason we just have so much to talk about. I have work the next day, but dun care often we could meet (in Malaysia LOL)?? Might as well enjoy our night the Malaysian way....

Teh Tarik session at Asia Cafe!

It was my first time there, and the place was so crowded and quite happening. Looks abit like Ming Tien @ Taman Megah actually. Beautiful lights, loads of food stalls, super sized LCD screen...
Well we continued chatting while sipping the mug-sized teh tarik. Thumbs up!

Was really really great to catch up with these people, though we'll see each other very often back in Singapore, but it's still great to meet up in KL especially it's during the hols!! I can feel everyone's holiday mood heheh...

Gosh 2 weeks left before I head back to the island....OMG i wanna cry :(
It's just too fast!!!
But life has to move on....
Anyways more food post coming up!!! I guess my holidays was a great one after all, filled with awesome food!!

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