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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Awfully Chocolate at The Star Vista

Goshhhh took me hours to transfer my photos from phone to PC
I have so much to update and now I don't even know where to start. Thought I might just slot in a short post of food before all the updates heh...

Bet you've heard of this before if you're in Singapore. The desserts are so good that the fact that they have the word "Awful" in the shop's name doesn't seem to prevent people from falling for their chocolate treats.

Awfully Chocolate @ The Star Vista

We were having dinner to celebrate Limin's birthday and thought of getting some desserts or perhaps a cake to mark the occasion. Yeucian recommended this place and the crowd at the cafe certainly manifests its popularity. Stepped in, the display counter gave me a feeling of shopping at some food market where instead of buying delicatessen, it's all yummylicious treats of chocolate!
I'm pretty sure everyone who entered had this i-wish-i-could-try-all thought crossed their minds even just for one second.

We were actually pretty stuffed after having spaghetti for dinner. Thought of just getting something small and round haha...and they were kind enough to give us a candle and lighter. And there we celebrated her birthday!

Chocolate Praline Cake -- S$ 9.90
I won't call it a cake, this one should be more towards the sweet/candy/confectionery category.
Glad that we shared this. It's sweet but not awfully sweet haha, it's kinda fudgey and the rich and delicious chocolate flavors slowly melts away in your mouth.

Butterscotch Brownie -- S$ 7.00
Brownies can't really go wrong
but the brownies here have a really wonderful texture. Slightly crunchy on the outside, and not too moist on the inside which some brownies tend to be. I guess they used some really awesome vanilla extract or maybe it's the flavors of butterscotch that gives a rich flavor that is quite overwhelming when you first taste it. 

Too bad we couldn't try other treats. I've been longing to try the ice cream! Anyways, I would say Awfully Chocolate is a one-stop heaven for chocolate lovers and you might be mind blown by how chocolates can be transformed into all sorts of heavenly treats. I would say, go for the brownie :D

Awfully Chocolate @ The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green #02-18
The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
T: (+65) 6694 4805
F: (+65) 6694 4804

Open 10am - 10pm Sun - Thur
Open 10am - 11pm Fri - Sat and Eve of Public Holidays

Check out the list of all Awfully Chocolate outlets

Happy Birthday to our little girl haha...

I remember it was Valentines Day!
Big thanks to Dear Yeucian for the roses. Thanks for making me feel less Forever Alone
Instead we Together Alone hahahahha

Since V-day was not meant for us, might as well get into the CNY mood with 财神爷!

I remember that day was a really fun one. First it was to celebrate Limin's Bday and Second, CNY was just few days away and we were so in the mood of enjoying already. In the morning there was Earthlink's maincomm outing, then went retail therapy (see I brought my own shopping bag ehhh) with Yiyong and got back to spend the night with the bunch. Okay, I shall update more in my next post...

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