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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bridges of Singapore River

Have you ever watched some Singapore's Local Drama series and find that there were many scenes filmed on bridges, usually scenes of couples breaking up or confrontation haha....somehow it looks better when they use the bridge as a set I suppose.

Anyways I realized there were actually many bridges across the Singapore river and each bridge has its unique design. Trailing down the Singapore river have always been on my to-do checklist and finally the day to tick on it came! It was a fun and simple Saturday with loads of walking, food, photo-taking and of course exploration.

Started our day with a simple and yummy brunch at next to the Singapore River :

Wanton Mee SGD 3.50
The queue was long but it was worth the wait. Cheap and delicious! Thumbs up!

It was daytime which explains why not all stalls are open. Will visit again for more cheap eats and of course their nice location right beside the river. 

Zion Riverside Food Center
70 Zion Road
Singapore 247792

From there our bridges journey started. Well we didn't really count on a map, but instead just follow the direction of the river. Before we knew it, we have already stepped foot on the first bridge: 

1. Jiak Kim Bridge
What's around: The KimSeng Park, well really a small park for people to have a morning walk/jog along the river. The park also has boards that explains the history of Tan Kim Seng's Family and their contribution to Singapore.

2. Robertson Bridge
What's around: Condos and "Atas" residences, and shop lots with mainly western restaurants and bars, including Robertson Quay. Passing by those hipster cafes along the river, I cant help but to wish I'm one of those people who were just chilling out at the al-fresco area, sipping coffee and enjoying pancakes. This is the moment where you tell yourself " Next time when I got Money I will come" haha

3. Alkaff Bridge
The colorful bridge that appeared many times in SG dramas!! 

4. Read Bridge 
Saw this and I knew we were at Clarke Quay area. This bridge is one of my favorites, with all the vintage tall street lights along the bridge. and FYI, it has beautiful illumination effects at night!
Whats around: This is where u stroll along the happening and bustling Clarke quay area if you visit at night. Plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby. 

5. Elgin Bridge
All white bridge with a very vintage feel.
What's around: Parliament House and Victoria Concert Hall takes only 5 minutes-walk. Do visit the Parliament house area as there's loads of historical buildings with strong European influence. They are just so pretty and I lied to myself that I'm in some part of Europe. :P

The Victoria Concert Hall
Great place to take awesome portrait shots (外拍) and wedding photos.

Kinda wished that I wore a dress that day, every photo would have look awesome heh

With the Jalan-Jalan buddy

It was around noon time when we left Victoria Concert Hall and we found ourselves right next to Cavanagh Bridge. The weather was insanely hot and thank God icecream stalls were available along the river! No time to think and we bought ourselves a cooling treat under the hot sun.

Rainbow bread and one big block of icecream for one dollar. Worth it. Especially under the blazing sun, the melting icecream just taste so much better. Take a seat at the benches along the river and enjoy the surroundings. 

Asian Civilization Museum is right behind us. 

6. Cavanagh Bridge 
Also one of my favorites. Majestic and elegant design.
Whats around: The beautiful Fullerton Hotel is just one minute away, and this is the area with all the bronze sculpture that depicts activities at the Singapore River in the past. You will spot at least 2 of them.  

7. Anderson's Bridge
Whats around: The 100th Starbucks Store at Waterboat House
Pass by Fullerton Hotel and Anderson's Bridge and you'll see the entrance of Starbucks at the Waterboat House. I totally recommend this place to be part of your itinerary if you wanna explore the Singapore Rivers. Why? Coz it's the best place for you to chillax after all the walking and enjoy the beautiful views of the Marina Bay.

Yep, views of Esplanade Singapore Flyer MBS....all the glorious landmarks of Singapore. 

Another reason is, the interior of this Starbucks store is super cozy and comfy. Plush cushion chairs, vintage deco and dim lighting. Actually at one moment, we didn't feel like leaving anymore haha...

The Fullerton Waterboat House
#02-01/02/03, 3 Fullerton Road 049215
(Prices are slightly higher in this store)

From the boathouse, you will definitely spot the symbol of Singapore City: Merlion
Why not pay a visit to Merlion Park?

and take funny photos.
(I apologize on behalf of my friend's failed photography haha, that finger so potong.)

8. Esplanade Bridge
another finger spotted haha

9.Helix Bridge
Finally, we walked pass Esplanade and The Float and found ourselves at the final bridge. I would say the Helix bridge was really impressive, not just because of its appearance but also the inspiration behind the idea. Building a bridge with the shape of our DNA structure, beautiful blend of science and art idea. Do take pretty photos at the viewing platforms along the bridge.

Big thanks to her for accompanying me, helping me to take tonnes of demanding photos haha...
It's always great to discover new things together.

Final stop: Have a break at Marina Bay Sands and enjoy all the air conditioning heh...

Was indeed a super fun day, I just love walking around and exploring and the best part is we don't really need a map but instead just discover whatever we see. And yes I received more from what I planned. 

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