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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Maincomm Outing at JB: Kimlong Curry Fish Head, Cedar Food Point and La Gourmet Desserts

Exam's over yo! Back to blogging mood. Gosh I have a lot to post about. Great things happened and more fun things discovered. Hope I have enough time to share them.

Let me post from the earliest! Right back from Sem break, Maincom Outing was there to kickstart my new semester! I decided to dedicate one post for the outing: Coz there's loads of food to be shared nyeheheheheh :D

So this year we had our outing at JB as well, but we made it into a 2day1night thing instead. Fun weekend with the peeps, food fun friends :D  

The new FOC family

Our day started early, all of us departing for JB from SG. Once we reached City Square, we intended to have Chicken Chop as our brunch but turns out it only opens at 12. Knowing the famous KimLong Curry Fishhead was nearby, we decided to have our brunch there instead and I guess it was a good choice because the line wasn't long yet. Despite its fame among tourist, our JB friends tend to think the fishhead is overrated. Well I liked it to be honest :D I like the mildly spicy curry with super fragrant coconut milk aroma. The scent is enough to make you drool. Total rice-thief as the generous amount of curry gravy wasn't too spicy and makes the rice soaked with curry goodness. Love it, the fish is also fresh and blends well with the flavors of spices. Best part: FooChok to absorb all the goodness from fish and curry.  

Price, can't really remember but the bill totals up to RM50++ for 4 persons (including rice and chinese tea as drinks)

Kim Long Curry Fishhead 金龙咖喱鱼头
74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000, Johor Bahru. 

crowded shop as you can see, we had to split and sit in small tables. 

After charging ourselves with food, we moved on to our main agenda of the day: Outdoor Paintball at Dynamic Paintballs, The outdoor arena is located near Danga Bay area, 10 minutes drive from City Square. This was so damn fun! I like this more than the indoor one as it's in broad day light, you get to see things clearly instead of just moving blindly in the dark. Feeling more engaged in the game. Anyhow I still sucked haha....but I really did enjoy more.

The weather was great, Thank God. But the arena was all muddy and none of our attire escaped from mud stains. Advice: You will get dirty, so wear something not so fancy and bring shoes to change after the games.

Dynamic Paintball Outdoor Arena
Jalan Thomson, Johor Bahru.

After our games, we checked in at our guest house which is at Taman Sentosa Area. Settled down and had a short rest before we head out for dinner at Cedar Point. 

Well we were trying to look for budget dining spots where we can spend less than RM10 for a meal, and this place seems to be appropriate and it allows you to try various hawker favorites at once!

BBQ Chicken Wings

Claypot Chicken Rice

Chicken and Pork Satay

Cuttlefish and Kangkung 鱿鱼蕹菜 

with the junior committee members!

Cedar Point 食得福美食中心
Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, 
Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru

After stuffing ourselves, we went to KSL mall which was nearby and had a breakfast mission for the members to plan and buy ingredients for tomorrow morning's breakfast competition. It wasn't long before we craved for something to chew on and decided to head to La Gourmet desserts for some sweet treats. 

Ordered the shop's specialty 
La Gourmet Loh 
tonnes of fresh fruits with pearls, delicious drizzle of sauces and coarsely shaved ice. 

La Gourmet Desserts 
No 11, Jalan Kuning 2,
Taman Pelangi, 80400 JB

After all the outdoor activities, went back to the guesthouse and had a long bonding night, with some drama added haha...Tiring night but it's fun LOL

Next day started with the breakfast cooking competition among small groups and I would say all of them did cook yummy food!

haha perks of being judge of the day
Loads of delicious food. Seriously who need to go out and pay for RM20 brunch? 
But I couldn't finish them in the end haha...

After checking out, we hanged out at City Square before heading back to Pulau NTU. 

That's pretty much our Maincomm outing. Short 2 days trip at our very own JB hehe... 
A big thanks to all the JB kids who drove us around, I can't imagine how the trip would be without you guys! And special thanks to Chai Shinnee as well for being my advisor and also going recce with me in the early stages of planning. Hope the main comm enjoyed, let's work hard for the coming FOC!

On a side note: The guest house we stayed was actually quite nice. There were 24 of us if I'm not wrong and there were enough mattresses and beds to accommodate all of us to sleep comfortably. The guest house also has an equipped kitchen with all the utensils you need to do cooking. Free WIFI but I guess they have limit quota as not everyone of us can connect to the wifi at one time. The house uses digital password lock with easy check-in and checkout. The staff was friendly enough as well. I would say we had a very comfortable stay haha...

JB GuesthouseDo check out their website:

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