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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2 and Mall Cop 2

Oh before my thoughts gets too outdated, I might just quickly write down my thoughts about Pitch Perfect 2!

Watched this last Saturday with Daph at Cineleisure. I've been a big fan of the first movie!
My thoughts:
I'm actually quite torn between recommending this or just plain criticism.
Well I guess it's still worth watching in theaters. 
The acapella songs are still awesome!! and trust me, be prepared to have goosebumps all the way. I was shocked enough to find myself having goosebumps throughout the movie and especially the final showdown between the Bellas and Das Sound Machine. The riff offs are always the best!

To be honest, I think there weren't much wow factor as compared to the first movie. But damn the singing is just so so so impressive. The mash-ups weren't as creative, but it's the singing that really makes the movie awesome. Really worth it to watch in theaters, I doubt watching it on your laptop will be the same.

Storyline, well, I kinda expected it, just like any other movie sequels. New people joining, bigger challenge, conflicts etc etc etc But as a university student, I really appreciate how they highlighted the  fear of an uncertain future which is something that I'm actually experiencing now LOL I bet every undergrad felt this before. It's great that they are encouraging youths to be independent and strong to face challenges of the future, to move on with our lives with courage. 

So yeap, those who haven't watch, do watch it if you are a fan of acapellas or you just wanna get some goosebumps!!

Read about Pitch Perfect here:

Okay now, I thought I might as well laid out my thoughts for another movie that I watched recently.
I didn't really wanna mention it but I guess it's time for me to make a really negative review!!

That's Paul Blart : Mall Cop 2

Oh Myyyy, Okay I'll admit the reason why I'm so mad is because I felt like I've wasted money to watch this in the cinema. Perhaps if I'd watched it online, I wouldn't be so bothered haha
So yeap just to tell you there's some bias there.

Anyways, this movie, is possibly one of the most nonsensical and no-point movie. Though it highlights the themes of family and possessive behaviors, still the plot and actions are all too...lame and nonsense. Too be honest, all the funny act that they pulled of didn't make me laugh for most of the time in the cinema. The only thing I kept on saying was "zomok酱废的?"

The plot was cliche with lot of nonsensical stunts. Now that I think back, I seriously don't know what did I gain from the movie....No genuine laughs, no surprise, nothing. Alright maybe I should give credit to this movie for making me write the first ever negative movie review. Usually if I don't fancy a movie, I won't really bother to criticize it since I believe people may have different thoughts. But this movie....well...sorry but I just gotta be honest that I disliked it instead of just merely not fancy it haha...

Oh you might ask, then why did we chose to watch this in the first place. No.1, there weren't much choices, my cousin watched Avengers already so I wasn't gonna make her watch again. No. 2, I thought a movie that has a sequel couldn't be that bad afterall...but turns out it can be!!!!

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