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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brendaaa, Han Ruiiii, Carmennn, Estherrrr, Jassslyn!!!
Haha....i luv diz pic!!!!
( sepia effect)
Me n Michelle!!!
Mee n Han Rui!!!! I luv diz pic super much!!!
Han Rui n Jaaaslyn!!!!
Estherrr.....Han Rui.....Me!!!

Esther n Han Rui againnnnnn!!!!!!!! Get off Derick!!!!

Estherrr n Han Rui!!!! (black and white effect)

Mee n Jaslyn again.....diz time she is smiling :)

Meeee.....and Jaaaaslyn.....Jaslyn is not smiling :(
Meee n sweat yen =.=" SUET YEN
This is TAMAN S.E.A 10 years ago....juz kidin' (sepia effect)

Meeee n The Twins....Han Yan n Han Rui
( Black and White effect)

Carmen(meee) n Brendaaaaa (sepia effect)
Jaaslyn's back.....looks like she is goin 2 leave us!!!! jokin'
(black and white effect)

Jaaaaaaslyn n Estherrrrrr (sepia effect)
Estherrrrr n Meeeee (sepia effect)

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