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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Daphney Teoh Zhi Xian......
i'm not gonna see her in school anymore
and i'm perfectly sure i'll miss her
Hmm......i can still remember how we met each other
well we were in the same class in standard 2
well we've seen each other....of course
but we never talk to each other until the day my teacher
changed my place to sit next to her
because i was kinda tall and also.....too talkative =)
but changing my place doen't help with the second part
i still love to talk.....with the people around
and the first conversation we had was
(in chinese of course)
Daph : stop talking already larr
Me : huh?
Daph : did you know that the reason you're sitting here is bcoz you were too noisy??
Me : Oh *speechless*
i remembered that clearly
though the teacher changed my place a few days later
she sounded like guai guai lui
don't dare to talk in class....
yea.....that's how we met each other....
but we weren't close lar....
we were not in the same class for the next 4 years
but we were in the school's band
she plays the Bass(ppl say the big trumpet)
i'm the Clarinet......
and then in form 1....well not so close either
then form 2 .....hah...we were in the same class
2 BUNGARAYA.......i still think that this class rocks!!
she and Fiona was sitting quite close to me and Christine
so we talked sometimes.....
sometimes in a big group.....
Jessie, WeiNian, SayWei, Florence, ZhiZheng,
ChoonYink, MewYeong, Gavin......
the people around the back, right corner of the class
yea....she tells a lot of lame jokes
and sometimes when we have marching practice,
we'll go out together,
and sometimes we will talk about the activities in PP and KRS
so we're getting closer to each other
and this year, same class again
she sat with Michelle Wong right behind me and Christine
and this year i joined Chinese Society's comittee
we see each other more often
having meetings.....and we'll discuss our ideas together
so in class.....sitting right infront of her
she tells a lot more lame jokes!!!
she's like the LAME JOKES PROVIDER!!
and we laughed a lot
when sometimes either one among four of us
didnt understand the joke....
we laughed louder like some kind of freak
i would like to apologize for the people who sat near to us...
actually i'm quite sure the whole class can hear us =)
and sometimes......we sing together...
again.....apologize to the class if they heard our singing....=)
and there were so much more fun memories
like while having spot check, ponteng classes with her
yea i could say i ponteng classes more often bcoz of her!! =)
maybe it's not ponteng, it's just missing classes
with good commitee's work
so.....she wont be in our school anymore....
studying in out school, at least
but there are still so many things i don't know about her
other than the fact that she loves the colour ORANGE!!
it would be nice if she can stay with us......
providing more lame jokes!!
i would say All The Best to you, Daphney!!
i'm sure you could do well in your new school
people are gonna like you!!
and of course I'll miss you!!
and i promise we will see each other again
Very Soon!!

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