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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kay, went to 1u just now....
with my parents,
my mom wanted to buy something in Jusco....
so me and my dad took off to bookstore
but before that, we went to the camera display.....
and my dad was asking about SLR....
God, he's serious!!!
So, my dad is really getting my brother an SLR for Christmas!!
and he's gonna get the EOS 450D....
and the price.....erm......
i think u need at least 2k half to buy this....
but to my dad and my brother,
it's worth it,
these photography maniacs!!
well i do love professional photography as well....
it's in my blood, of course my dad and my brother's too
my grandfather was a photographer--i missed him
now my brother is in his college's photography society
so i guess he really needs a pro camera
he really has some talent in this
i've seen some cool pictures he took using a normal digital camera.....

EOS 450D
he's gonna share his present with me!!
of course my dad dind't buy the camera in 1u
the price is 3k minus RM1!!
we will go and look around somewhere else,
or my dad will go straight to the dealers....
so after that, went to popular
wanted to buy Breaking Dawn--it's not a Christmas present
but there isn't any stock,
so stayed there and read some books and magazines
then went back to Jusco to meet my mom
then two of them were hungry
but i'm not--i just had my breakfast before going out
so i told them to go have lunch, and i'll just stay in 1u
then pick me up later
(i don't want to be a 2500 w light bulb)
so i walked to phase 2
saw Michelle Wong....i didn't see who is she with
then went to MPH first
and again, no stock for Breaking Dawn!!
and when i wanted to ask the ppl there
the guy that was asking before me wanted the same book as well
whoa, Meyer's making a lot of money weih....
the woman said there is stock, but haven't tag the price yet
we have to wait until wednesday
what?? wednesday??
u need that long to tag the bloody price tag??
okay fine, then i wandered around again
then i decided to buy an old book(because it's not new!!)
well at least i got something to do for the next few days
after that......went to look for clothes and shoes
Then went home.......
I would have bought a lot of things today if my mom gave me money
so she say we're coming back tomorrow
so this is 1u's deco this year
something to do with Alice in the Wonderland obviously

The Taxi Station.......

Can You Keep a Secret?
Yeap, this is the book i bought.....
i know most of you must have read this before
my brother borrowed it 2 or 3 years ago from his friend
i was going to read it, but at the end i didn't
because when i was going to start,
my brother had already returned it.....
so bought this......i read the first chapter before.....
i'm just gonna continue it....
it's a bestseller....i think it's gonna be interesting.....

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