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Saturday, December 06, 2008

My life was an unending, unchanging midnight.

It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me.

So how was it possible that the sun is rising now,

in the middle of mymidnight?

-Midnight Sun's partial draft by Stephenie Meyer

I had alreadyfinished reading it,

well she posted the first 12 chapters only

so the most interesting part wasn't there yet

but reading the story from Edwards perspective

was really really interesting,

especially the mind reading parts =)

there's a lot of funny thoughts.....

and sometimes he got jealous just like any other human boy

and he got really frustrated wondering what Bella was thinking

the line "what is she thinking?" appeared for don't know how many times

and everytime i saw it, i laughed

the anxiety and fruestration he interesting

i laughed a lot while reading it

and my mom probably thought that i was a freak

smiling to the computer!!

i believe that from this book,

you will find how Bella is so special and interesting to Edward

and of course the conflicts that happened in his family

about the issue of Bella,

things that Edward didn't want to tell Bella....

Edward's mind was so compicated,

clouded with thousands of thoughts with different emotions,

really, i can really feel how hard was it for him....

And now, I really really love Emmett!!

He's just so funny and nice la.

Rosalie should be happy and stop feeling jealous on Bella!!

I just can't wait for the book to be published.....

if you want to read the partial draft,

go to Stephenie Meyer's website

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