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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shi Fen Hong Concert!!!

Shi Fen Hong Concert!!

十 分 红 演 唱 会
Padang Timur PJ

On friday, my mom says that our neighbour has some tickets

but my brother is gonna work on sat
so nobody can go wif me......
and i was debating with myself whether i want to go or not
then finally asked carena to teman me....=)

We reached there at 6.45 something....there were ppl waiting already
and the whole place was freaking muddy
my mom scolded me yesterday for spoiling her shoes
the ticket zone of ours was kinda empty
so we got a nice's middle of the stage
and we were standing on the front row
and the VVIP zone(seating) is infront of us....
so can see the stage clearly la
but those stupid reporters!! keep standing up......
so geram man!!
but it's still a nice place la.....quite near

Vincci -- Look at the V

ManHand * support local artists!! main purpose to the concert is them!!!
Y2J!! 神 木 与 瞳
Yuming LaiMingWei and Jane HuangMeiZhen
赖 铭 伟 § 黄 美 珍
i'm officially addicted to them!!
they have really rock and powerful vocals!!
and i believe that they got the strongest fans crowd that night!!
everyone was shouting and singing together....
Especially the song 为 你 而 活!!
They also sang 武 装 的 蔷 薇 & 草 戒 指

Very blur image

Baby Jam and Desiree

I stopped taking pictures after Jam Hsiao.....
Because i don't wanna waste time
because the atmosphere was so high weih....
JJ Lin and Harlem Yu really rocked man!!
The concert ended at 11.30pm
Didn't regret at all!!
it was so fun....Thank God for the wheather
though it was drizzling after Janice singing 阴 天 假 期
so che (邪) rite??
but it was really really nice!!
Carena's camera got more pictures.....
more high-quality pictures......
check out her blog to see if she uploaded the pics...

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