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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!!

Wow, it's another week
last week was a really hectic one
and I just came back from Kem Muafakat
anyways, It's Monday!!
Time for another Project Alpha Talk...

The Statements :
I love sharing my thoughts
I love blogging
I deeply think that blogging is something I can't live without everyday

hmm.... "What if now I tell you that you can be a star by doing what you like?"

I had always hoped that Genie or some really cute Angels will ask me that question.

okay, I don't mean that I want to be some very-very popular super-super star
But I thought having yourself known by the crowd, especially being popular in something that you love and committed simply means you've got some value isn't it??

I don't try really hard to make my blog post super interesting to attract others
but I hope to let others know what's going through my head
and I hope others will understand or maybe give me some comment about it...
that's why I find the words "Blogging" and "Blogger" are really cool!!

hmmm.... If I'm going to Audition as one of the featured bloggers in Project Alpha Show
I would never hesitate to showcase my interests or talents...
such as Photography, Dancing, Beauty
and also Singing!!
I thought singing would be one of my brightest talent to showcase
I tried really really hard to upload my singing videos on YouTube but somehow never once I succeeded....
I really want to share all my singing videos and listen to everyone's comment
especially now coz I'll be taking part in my school's singing competition...
which is going to happen next friday
and I don't really know what song to sing yet
I'll try to upload my video very soon
or maybe the audio recording at least
I really want to hear from you...

Next, Photography,
I don't think I'm talented but I really have the interest
One of the things that I'm grieving about these days is
I'll never get to enter the contest...
The dateline for the Nikon Photography Contest is this wed
and I haven't even print my photos yet
I guess there's no more hope

but I'll never stop taking photos coz it's really my passion

Hehe, My gadget babies...
Nikon D60
Canon IXUS 75
Sony Handycam DCR-SX40

hmm....guess I haven't posted anything about it yet....
well that's my new interest
I really love dancing now
and I'm attending Street Jazz class in Shall We Dance Studio
I guess me and my friends are gonna start our practices soon for Teachers' Day's performance.
I will try to share all the videos if I could

okay, that's something I can't stop talking about
I really have some kind of passion in cosmetics and skin care products
but of course I always watch my pocket when I buy these things...
so in the following months, beauty post might be reducing coz I don't have pennies to spend on beauty products
but I'll try to review a Mask every week since my cousin and I have this weekly mask routine =)

well that was what I thought that might attract readers' attention to read my blog
and make me a blog star

In conclusion, I'm just an ordinary girl living a filled and happy life, check out my blog to see the happenings in a teenager's life.

I will definitely try my best to fill my blog and achieve a higher "blog density" (posts per week)
and I will definitely work hard for the coming Audition for Project Alpha 3's featured blogger.

Again I want to remind you to catch the premiere of Project Alpha Season 2 on the 19th of April
Stay tuned people!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or

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