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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of my suoer-stress-period in my life.....Canteen Dau of 2010

"Thanks for coming and helping girls!"

After smiling at them, I carried my iceboxes, teapots and etc. and dumped it into the boot. I hopped into my dad's car and said : It's Finally Over !!

Though I was still sweating like dunno how, but my mind seems calm and cooled down. Because the last canteen day in my high school year is over!!!

I must blog about canteen day because I actually went through a lot of stress which are totally new to myself during the preparation.

3rd of March
At first our plan was to sell curry & tom yam fishballs and mineral water, but somehow our teacher didn't allow us to sell mineral water so we have to figure out something else that day. So I simply came up with an Ice Tea suggestion. And then we started to doubt about the sales for the fishballs because my class' order sheet was pathetically blank. We thought of doing something else but time never waits and it was already friday(5th of March).

Somehow there were quite a lot of people who ordered the curry fish balls so we had no choice but to sell the fishballs. Then the leader of this project have to attend our annual camp which is on friday, sat and sun. So I ave no choice but to buy all the ingredients.

Sat - Sun
God knows what price it took to get all the ingredients.
I went north to south, east to west during the weekend and my mom was so pissed off.
Then I didn't order enough fishballs plus the market's aunty actually forgot to order the fish balls for me.
Then I kena lectured by my mom again for doing everything at the last minute.
Actually if I had a choice, I wouldn't ask my mom to help me at all.
I hate the thought of my parents helping me but in the end it pisses them off and makes them angrier and regret for helping.
And the thing I prayed to never happen still happened...

I was too busy and too stressed about the canteen day. So I spent the whole day packing all the ingredients and my mummy's kitchen tools, I left my house chores behind.

"Choong Jia Wen, why are you always doing all these work and give me so much trouble? Can't you just stop and help me instead of giving me more work?"

I knew she would say this. But somehow I thought she might understand that I had never want to bother them. I hate to give my parents trouble. I will never ask for your help if I had a choice. I will never ask for your help if I would get only lectures and scoldings in the end.

I cried for the rest of the evening because of that.
I hate myself for bringing so much trouble to my parents.
On that moment I actually thought of just giving up everything and don't care about that ****** canteen day anymore. I just don't wanna hear all that complaints and lectures from them anymore.

But I thought it will be very irresponsible to leave everything behind.
I prayed very hard that night so that everything will run smooth and God answered all my prayers.

All the equipments are prepared, time management was good and we manage to overcome our problems (eg. short of hot water)....
and the most important one : Sales was actually good!!

The curry and tom yam fish balls were all sold out!!!
The Ice Tea had very good sales too.

The super delicious and yummy smelling curry.

Our tom yam soup.

Ice Tea's to complete your day!!

Here are the flavors we had :
Strawberry Love
Green Peace
Vanilla Confidence
Caramel Courage
Apple Energy

Ice Tea...
It was better than I thought.
(We never try the tea before canteen day)

See how the girls worked....

"Eh you better buy arr!!!!"

Then cleaning...
The curry smelled so good that I was so reluctant to pour it away.

Bye bye Curry.....
You smelled so GOOD!

and Yay!! Canteen Day ended...
Here are some credits that must be given!!
First would be my parents.
Who always tried to help and give me support although it was troublesome.
Then next would be Sook Ven and Chu San.
Who worked really hard to pull everything together.
Thanks for buying all the extra fish balls at the last minute.
Thanks for doing all the deco and coupons. =)
Then, thanks to all the juniors who helped our stall during the sale.
Thanks for preparing the tea, fish balls and cleaning all the stuff.
And I must say these girls are super excellent promoters....
They sold 1 stick of fish balls and 1 cup of Ice Tea per minute
you girls are awesome!!
And lastly, I wanna Thank God for everything.
For giving me such wonderful people to work with.
For helping me to overcome my problems.
For making everything come true and also make sure everything ends well.

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