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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photos Sharing - Hamper Day 2010

Wanna share some photos I'd taken using Nikon D60 from the previous week....
Hamper Day 2010
yay....another wonderful event in this year.
This was my fifth Hamper Day
and I thought every year's Hamper Days are like my reminder to be grateful and kind.

Before Hamper Day
Hamper wrapping session.

Everyone's helping....
No, wait! you haven't see the whole picture....

Now you see the whole picture...

I didn't do nothing and take photos only,
I got help wan okay???

Hamper Day
As usual, our school invited the representatives from different charity homes.
The OKU kids performed a dance for us
and that's the moment where I felt extremely contented, happy and joyful.
Let's Dance, Dance, and Dance.

They are seriously adorable.

I really love the smile on their faces...
Makes me alive immediately...

Here comes the girls

Super Yeng Ending Pose =)
The expressions on their faces was priceless.

A shot of the crowd

Took this photo when I saw the lovely sunshine.
I loved this photo.

And I just realize where I got the inspiration from.

One of my fave song and MV.
Taeyang's Wedding Dress

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