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Friday, May 07, 2010

Obessesed with Hot Chocolate!!

I'm really obsessed with Hot Chocolate these days
and I realize how much I feel sick about Vico and Milo
but they are still my must-have drink larr...

anyways.... went to Coffee Bean recently @ LCCT
I didn't see Coffee Bean for a really2 long time,
I don't think there's anymore Coffee Bean near my house
Anyways, mummy and me were waiting for my uncle's arrival
and then we saw Coffee Bean, the classy and cool coffee shop
I knew how much we would have to spend but somehow my mom was in good mood
so we ordered a Large Hot Chocolate (which is really really huge, equivalent to 3 cups)
and a Chocolate Chips Muffin

Hot Chocolate (L) - RM 12.50
Chocolate Chips Muffin - RM 5.30
The hot chocolate is super super yummy
it has marshmallows on top
and the taste of chocolate and milk is simply... indulgent
It's not too sweet, not too bitter, Ngam Ngam Hou
the temperature of the drink is just nice...
But I think is you will feel abit sick if you drink the whole large cup
My parents were very much of an anti-fan of Starbucks and Coffee Bean
coz they think it's expensive and the drinks simply sucks
but today they changed their views totally, 360 degrees...
yay, that means I have more Coffee Bean to come =)

The muffin, OMG
At first I thought it was uber expensive
but after you grab a bite
you'll think it's worth it
It's simply fragrant and the smell of vanilla and chocolate was mesmerizing
Then the chocolate chips are melted inside....
and the muffin texture is nice and fluffy
it's just very tasty larr, better than any muffins I ate before in bakeries

We love taking pics in cool places =)
but all the photos are LQ larr... coz I was using my cell phone camera
My really cute cousin who is cuter and handsomer day after day =)

Cousins Gang

By the way, something to critic...
We were trying to act cool like others in the Coffee Bean
so we took out our laptop and wanted to go facebook
The Wi-Fi there was pretty much cacat-ed
it says we can only used for a limited time
but the problem is we haven't even start using
and you already stopped us from using...
What in the world is this??

My 2nd Choice of Hot Chocolate
Cadbury's Instant Hot Chocolate
I tried it yesterday at Sahara Cafe @ Kelana Square
and it's almost the same as the Coffee Bean one
I'm so gonna buy this at the groceries later...

Random Review :
Okay, whenever you see my cousin with me...
That means there's some masking work to do...
Yes... we tried out the Nivea Invigorating Mask
Before I review, I must say this Nivea Masks Value Pack is uber worth it...
You have 3 different type, 6 masks in total!
and it cost you 12 bucks only... (= 2 bucks per piece)
Anyways, we used the orange colour packing one...
Which helps in illuminating skin for radiance
It's a cream/gel type...
and let me tell you this is one of my Most-Obvious-Result-Mask so far
first, your face is super super smooth and soft
I can't stop touching my face on the 2nd day
and it really brightens your skin, probably because of the orange extracts
even my friend thought that my skin looked more transclucent

I'm very satisfied with this one,
Rating : 8.5/10
and there's two more to come...

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