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Monday, May 31, 2010

My Sweetheart Smells like Fresh

hmm.... Smell....
Yes, your sweetheart MUST smell good rite??
But the word "Good" is pretty subjective at times,
sweaty might be known as "good" for some people as well...
But not in my case
My Guy should always stay Fresh...

and HEY! I didn't choose Fresh because the bottle is Blue (It's only 20% of the reason)
I think my sweetheart should be fresh everyday
not just only how he looks, but the way he does things
For example he might tell you different jokes everyday
buy you special items
or maybe today he'll call you, the second day he'll nudge you in MSN etc etc...
It just gives you surprises, new and different experience everyday!
Isn't that fun?
I think a relationship should always be fresh like the first day.
Fresh veggies last longer rite?? so do Fresh relationship.
No one should feel aging when they're in love.
People usually get younger, livelier or maybe more childish (in some cases) when they have a Sweetheart.

But no matter how fresh your relationship is,
It's abit weird when your sweetheart is not feeling fresh
You'll feel uncomfortable when your other half isn't
Sweating is and inevitable process in daily life,
it might make you feel uneasy and lack of confidence when you're meeting someone
and sometimes the smell might have ruined your wonderful date!!

Use Adidas Deodorant
One for you, one for you Sweetheart
Keeps you fresh all day
it has a cooling effect and keeps sweat at bay
Feel fresh and vibrant to do anything you want with you Sweetheart!!!

My Sweethear Smells like FRESH!!

OMG Project alpha is gonna end soon.
I love all the bloggers!!!! Made me laughed and learned a lot!
Stay tuned for the next episodes at

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  1. sad girl1:23 PM

    Can u tell me where u buy the garnier body scrub?? pls...thanks...


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