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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Singing Comp and Minggu Kerjaya

Yay....I know I shouldn't be blogging after my ending post...
but this is a MUST-BLOG event!!
yes.... Chinese Society's Singing Competition!!!!

okay first and foremost. I didn't win a thing.
but I think of myself as the 3rd place since there's only four finalists...
you know like the badminton games.... there are two 3rd places wan??
haha....I know it's deceiving.... =)
anyways.... I had a lot of fun...

Okay... I sang 哭砂 by 张惠妹
and 听海 also by 张惠妹

But if I said I'm not sad at all...
that's a total big fat LIE...
I'm sad not because of I didn't win...
just because I didn't sing to my standard....
Maybe I was too nervous, and the song wasn't right made me more helpless
I know I could have done it better....
and yea... I felt a bit of regret as well coz this is my final year in high school....

okay, stop the sad stuff.... Let's talk about what I earned...
okay, the consolation prize was a Chinese Society T-Shirt in M size
not that I don't appreciate it, but I already have one....
but I think I'm gonna use it someday, coz I'm getting fatter and fatter
then next, I made a bunch of awesome friends....
especially Choi Mun and Wei Shuen
this two girls arr.... super 3 8, just like me....
3 of us will get super dramatic once we are together =)
and they actually taught me different singing techniques coz I missed the training session
I love you guys larr....

then there are these awesome judges
KK, Yean, Mei Yun and Brexton (sry if spelling wrong)
who taught us how to improve our singing
I'm very sorry that I didn't really improve....
but I'll try =)

okay so.... Pics time

The Individual and Group Finalists and Judges

Individual Category Finalists (Choi Mun's not in) and Judges

One of the judges, Mei Yun
She's so pretty rite??
OMG She looks younger than me!!

Yean, Mentor + Judge
Super Hot... and I love her voice
Oh, she will be performing in The Ultimate Power Group next week
Vote for her okay??

OMG, I have a feeling that 3 of us look like college mates....
(aside from the fact that they are prettier)
Is it a bad thing? (I think it is.)

Camwhore-ed with lou po..........
and Carena's swinging foot on the right

Yea, it was a great day and now I love singing more than ever!

The past week was Minggu Kerjaya
and there was different kind of activities going on everyday

Apparently, I'm a Left Brain Dominance dude
why I use the word dude?
because guys are the big big majority in this Quadrant.

The "Stuffs" that I got from the education fair...

The IACT goodie bag that I received after their Career Talk
I didn't get it for free okay? have to answer questions de...
The reason that I wanted this bag is the notebook inside
super nice....
oh actully there's a Sunsilk Conditioner in the goodie bag too
but I gave it to Fio edi...

Guess what??

It's a pen.

A really cool quote in the Notebook.
This is Soooo True.
One of the best quotes that I'd seen.

Oh, the DiGi people came and had a personal safety talk
at the same time they were promoting their DiGi prepaid campus
which is only for the students until the age of 25
You can sign up this prepaid plan for free buy submitting the form and your IC
But i didn't sign up la, coz I'm already a DiGi user
and I'm not really an I-Can't-Live-Without-My-Cell-Phone people
(FYI : I didn't reload my phone for 2 and a half weeks edi.)

Okay I should really really study now!!

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