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Friday, May 21, 2010

Something Blue * - My Must Have Blue Exam Tools

Crap, Crap Crap! Sejarah Paper BOCOR like Crap!

Actually, I'm not in a really good mood now....

I screwed Sejarah Paper today

and what is more upsetting is that
The whole school knows what's coming out, including myself
and I didn't study the given tips....

Tips is not the appropriate word...
The correct word is... The Answer
Our school is using the state's exam paper, so
All the sejarah paper 2 questions BOCOR like crap, *deng*
and I was stupid enough to not trust my friend's info
and that's the consequence :

Whatever I Studied didn't come out, Whatever I didn't Study came out.
and I didn't know how to answer

all I can do is just Crap, Crap and Crap...

anyways.... it's friday so I can relax abit for today
but I think today's paper triggered my Study Hormones
I'm gonna study like and idiot for Phy, Chem and Bio.
I studied abit of Bio
But I basically failed to remember a single thing...

anyways.... I will crap about my blue stuffs again : hehe =)

That's basically what I have on my table during exam.
It somehow turns to be an ALL BLUE family except the ruler.
Top :
Body Glove Pencil Case
Guardian Mini Tissue *I've been sneezing for basically everyday and I'm sure now my class is use to my sneezing sound*
Bottom :
Pilot Eraser
Pilot G-1
Papermate Pacer Mechanical Pencil
Pilot Frixion Pen
Pilot Frixion Highlighter
*I must say I love the Frixion Pen, You can literally rub your ink writing off! and it doesn't leave any stains, but the highlighter is abit cacat-ed in erasing.*
Whiper Correction Tape
Transparent Ruler
+ Buncho lead (which is also in blue, but I lost them yesterday)

My Bio Reference Book - Before

Tada!! Kupas Kulit edi!!
I think it will kupas one more layer tomorrow.

Oh I found this by random
It's a very very sour treat that you eat after drinking Chinese Medicine which are uber-bitter.
And I adore this coz it's blue!!

I have to study really hard now...haiz.... cannot blog anymore

Today's my bro's bday
he's having a party later at night
hope things will be fun!


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