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Friday, May 14, 2010

Something Blue * - My Blue Mouse

elo, here comes my 2nd Random Blue object :

I didn't really notice that this thing is blue until yesterday
and now I love my dad for buying this!!

It's my Blue Mouse!!
a.k.a Formula 3D Optical Mouse
The red light will light up if you're using it...
but if you're not...
I wish the light is in Blue then It'll be PERFECT!
It's a very light(ant:heavy) mouse
slides easily
and you don't really need a mouse pad -which is uber outdated- under it.
It's USB connected
so there were times when I was playing Sudden Attack halfway
and I realize no bullets are coming out of my gun...
no "piang! piang!" sound oso...
and I just stoned there and watch my enemy shoot me back...
Yes, it means the contact is not so good....
might suddenly lost contact
and the arrow in the screen will just freeze there.
But I still love my Blue Mouse.... =)

More Blue Stuff Coming!!

Oh.... and Happy Birthday Papa...
Thanks for being my dad for 16 years and still love me so much...
I know I didn't really treat you well,
there are times that I'd talked to you rudely when you're asking me questions,
I thought you were really annoying...
But I know you're concerned of me, trying to take care of me...
and you're always the one who is tolerating my horrible behaviour
I'm sorry for being so rude...
Oh, Thanks for being my mamak buddy (coz my mom is an ANTI-MAMAK STALL fan)
without you, I might never know what's the taste of Roti Kosong and Rojak
and I'll never know watching football and badminton games are so fun!!

yea.... I just wanna thank you for everything you were before,
for everything you are now,
and for everything that you're gonna be in the future...
Happy Birthday Dad!

A random photo I took when we were in Desaru
he's so fair rite??
My dad has an ability-to-sleep-at-anytime-anywhere

Tonight I'm gonna watch Thomas Cup with my dad =)
though I know how the results would be...

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