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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reasons of Why all the International Stars chose Singapore as their stage instead of Malaysia

I don't know why
Maybe Singapore is just too good
or Malaysia is just too suck-ish
all the International Stars love to go to Singapore instead of Malaysia which is who-knows-how-many-times the size of SG

Oh My Gosh, Singapore is sooooooooo happening
They are gonna have this F1 rocks concert again! which stars awesome singers like Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, Daughtry and much much more on the 24,25,26th of Sept....

Then they have the Korean Pop Night Concert which has SNSD, BigBang, FT Island, Shinee etc etc on the 23rd of October

and and AND JayPark is coming tooo!!!!!!!
 and CN Blue came to SG 2 weeks ago.....eeeeesh why can't they just take a 1 hr flight up to M'sia?????
really want to meet them weih!!!

Okay In my Opinion the TOP-4 reasons that International Artists pick Singapore over Malaysia to have concerts and showcase:

let's start from no.4 : Malaysians don't really support Original Albums
This is an obvious fact, most Malaysians prefer to download songs from the internet illegally instead of buying an album to support the sales of the artist. And that's because the albums in Malaysia is soo expensive (to M'sians) and our economy is getting worse, not many people can afford to buy original albums unlike in the past decade. Whereas Singapore has a greater market since the citizens are capable and also supportive to buy original albums.

No.3 : Singapore is a better name....
certainly, Singapore has a really big name in the International stage. There are people who thought that Malaysia is in Singapore lol!! Yea, SG is more well known country to international fans,and it would be easier for them to travel. Imagine if someone asks a foreigner, "Do you want Adam Lambert's concert in Malaysia or Singapore" I know I shouldn't say this on our country's National Day, but "Malaysia" sounds very....."3rd-world-country-ish" to me.....(Ethopia, Indonesia.....Malaysia) in fact we are 3rd world! yea of course they will choose Singapore rite?

No.2 : Singapore is so rich
Another obvious fact, their people certainly has more money to invite all these stars right?? I mean their country's economy is really rising and all the people have high income, the country is also very rich. That's how they have all these money to promote their F1 by inviting International Superstars like Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert. The events organizer will definitely earn a fortune when they have events like Korean Pop Night Concert because certainly the high-income-Singaporeans would pay for this event. Until now 1S$ is equivalent to 650-700 won that's why recently so many K-Pop stars like B2st, CN Blue came to SG

No.1 They don't want to be caught by our police just because they wear low cut/spaghetti strap/mini skirt/hot pants/sleeveless shirt etc etc
I don't think i need to explain this one lol!!

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