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Friday, July 01, 2011


oH gOSH.... i'M SO HAPPY NOW!!!!!
Yay, brother finally got the tix for b2st's concert which is happening tonight!!! This is like my first time attending a k-pop concert man...have been waiting for this for ages....and the best part is that the first concert is actually B2st's concert.... homg is like one of my fave idol group in K-Pop.
Can't wait to have fun tonight, I'm sure they are gonna sing awesome, rap awesome, dance awesome and everything awesome!!! This is really what I need after all the exam stress...

It's all happening tonight, 8.30 pm at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach!
Can't wait can't wait!!!
I hope it doesn't rain.....

Before that, needa practice some of my fave songs from b2st first...
here's one from their latest album.
Awesome vocals and I love the melody.
On Rainy Days by B2st

Oh I wanna thank my brother for getting the tix for me, and also his friend who is so nice to give us free passes. Thank you thank you!! Will update about the concert!!!

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