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Friday, November 11, 2011

Bowl-ed, GongCha-ed

Let's see, this was on Monday, which was a public holiday. So yes, time to have some fun. Well in fact, lots of fun! XD

This is my second time in MidValley this year. My Gosh, just like how I was in February, I got lost AGAIN. There's a good reason to why it is called Megamall. Anyways, met up with others and went to Carl's Jr. for lunch. Then, went to Cosmic Bowl. Had loads of fun, but I don't know why, I sucked. I use to play quite okay, not good, but okay, but dunno why dat day.....haizzzz But anyways, others did quite well. and there were a lot of funny moments hahahaha....Oh this is my 1st time bowling in Midvalley, and I'm quite impressed with the glow-in-the-dark concept. :D will come back soon hehehe...

Thanks to the nice Malay Lady who help us take this photo :D

Then then then, was walking around, trying to look for an orange ping pong ball. yes, 9 of us, looking for ONE Orange Ping Pong Ball. LOL then followed JiaChee to eat Asam Laksa. After that, went to the Gardens. Well do what? Pluck Tea Leaves??? 

No Tea Leaves in The Gardens, but there's Gong Cha.
My drink, recommended by Daniel and Ann. 
Wintermelon Milk Tea with White Pearls, RM7.40 if I'm not wrong.
The Milky part taste really really good. But it's a bit too sweet. Should have asked for less sweet. Still love the taste larrr, I think they used something like the 糖冬瓜. Very special one, really should try.

Check out more at:

The queue was really really long, so..... while waiting....

I bet the people who were lining up must be wondering why are these people crowding in front of a mirror. wanna fix hair arr???

After that, walked to Carrefour for some Grocery Shopping. Not me la, just the guys who lives in the hostel. I can't help but to feel impressed with how independent they are.
Then went home after that. Kinda tired, but it was really really a fun day!!! So much laughter. Really Glad to know these people in college.


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