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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

wONDERFUL mARKET!! and yummy Nyonya Nasi Lemak at Old China Cafe

Wonderful Market by Pipit Zakka Store :D

Sat for the final paper on Friday, which is actually IELTS, almost fell asleep during the test. Anyway, exams are really really over. well trial exam at least. so yeap i decided it was time for me to go out and get some vitamin D after so many weeks of isolation from the outside world. So yea, my dear friend SookChing asked me to go to this Wonderful Market sale which is an event hosted by the Pipit Zakka Store. Basically it's a market that sells local artists' arts and craft works. Well unlike my friend, I'm not a very big fan of arts and crafts, but I thought it will be interesting to go have a look at all these uniquely made items. and yea, it didn't disappoint me, there was a lot to see, and they are all really cute and also charming. My hands were really itchy itchy, I could have bought everything if I have the money....  

so yea, took LRT to Pasar Seni, walked pass the graffiti murals and head towards Central Market. It was a Saturday, so the place was, BUSY. A lot of cars, a whole lot more of people...

I reach around 11.45am and met up with SookChing and her mommy, aunt and sister.I was kinda shocked to see so many people already lining up at the entrance. So I know the market must be really really interesting. at around 12 something, the door opens...

my gosh.....there's SO MUCH TO SEE!!!!

look at the crowd.

I only took some photos, coz "idiotic me" brought the camera but forgot to bring the battery. Anyways, there are all kinds of items sold. From bags, handphone pouches, dolls, plush toys, notebooks ETC ETC. The spotlight is more on the DESIGN of the item. Every artist has their own style.
After that, walked around Petaling Street area while drinking Loh Han Guo, thanks to Sookching's aunt. Walking under the big hot sun is kinda fun if u have a refreshing drink with you!

Then it was lunch time!! Thanks to SookChing's mom, who brought us to a really cool Nyonya Restaurant, I get to eat some good food again!! heheheheh happy happy me :D
Well it's called Old China Cafe @ Jalan Balai Polis, which is somewhere near to the Petaling Street.

Behind those doors, is a really really authentically decorated cafe. It gives a very warm and cozy feeling and also makes u feel like you're back in the 50's or 60's. I adore the place. and I'm pretty sure the foreigners love it more, why?? coz all the customers we saw are foreigners, as in mat salleh's :D (we were the ones who look like outsiders) LOL so there's definitely a charm to that place.

I just enjoyed sitting there and just stare at all the aged photos, portraits, paintings and also some antiques.

Food?? Lagi Best!!
Nyonya Nasi Lemak for RM 9.90
Delicious!! Especially the curry. I can't take very spicy stuff, so that curry was just exactly how I like it, not so spicy, but with a very yummy taste of all the spices and also santan, i'm quite sure there's also serai. And the chicken is really well marinated and has a very nice texture. See the rice, my fave color LOL, very pretty right? The sambal is also nice coz it's not too spicy, but has the sour taste which is very appetizing :D I finished everything, only left with tiny bit of sambal. well you know i can't take spicy stuff hehe...
I think they kinda of adapted it, so it's not that spicy, foreigners can enjoy the local food without making themselves sweating and turning their face red.

Find out more about Old China Cafe at 

yea, after the lunch, walked around abit to digest the food hehe....and walk past many accessories supplier shops. My gawd, they have everything mannnnn, every color, every style, every design, from earrings, to hair clips, to necklace etc etc. and they sell it at a much much cheaper price. I will definitely visit there again :D 

A pair of earrings that I bought from the Wonderful Market. Well it's actually a small small gift for my mom and she likes it. weeeeee :D

all the beautifully designed name cards of the artists from the Wonderful Market!!

I had a really really great day. It's been a while since the last time I walked so much at an area outside of PJ. and it's really rare for me to go out and just walk along streets because my parents are not those shopping people that can walk for hours. I just find it really really fun to walk here and there, in and out. Saw many things, many beautiful and interesting things, and the best part is that I get to drink and eat good food as well!!! Thank you so much Sook Ching!!! and your mom and your aunt! for giving me a fun day!!

A gift from SookChing, made by one of the artist from the Pipit Zakka. 
Thank you so much, this is really beautiful, and really special to me. 
That's a really huge mic for her.

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