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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Sweet like Heaven,Taste like Heaven

I bet some of you will be like, "Whaaaatttttt, food again???" yes yes!!! this time, let's be sweet, it's Macaroons and Creamy Ice Cream. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  omg i'm so fat

yay, thanks to my friend Fiona, who introduced me to all these goodies :D With all these sweet yummies and a long-time-no-see bestie to talk with, it was a very very happie happie day!! in fact i was smiling in the lrt. Once again reminding me that it's so easy to make myself happy. :D

so yeap, Sweetie number one, Macaroons from Petit Sucre @ KLCC

Seowwwwww Adorable!!!
Even the box looks cute!
Well if I'm not wrong, the flavors are (from left)Pistachio, Passionfruit-Mango, Jasmine, Macha, Durian and Hazelnut(the one in the small box). 
and it's RM3.30 each.

Adore the looks, Love the taste!
My gawd I love the texture weih....
It's like cookie+scone+cake, i dunno how to say, it's special!
Thanks to Fiona, I ate 5, FIVE, 5 of them *omg i'm so fat*, coz she bought 6, but only ate the mango wan and gave the rest to me LOL. 
My fave is Macha, probably because it's not that sweet but still have a strong taste. :D 

Next, Sweetie number two, Ice Cream from Cream and Fudge Factory @ KLCC

well I was thinking whether I should add more words rather than just calling it an Ice Cream, because it's like....extraordinary. Well at least to me, it is.It's been a while since I ate Ice Cream that is so creamy...

I couldn't remember the name of this flavor, but I kinda checked from the FB page, and I'm pretty sure it's called Rocky Road.'s around 20 bucks.

Totally Indulged! hmm where do I start? Well firstly, Everything is Yummy. The Walnuts are like awesome mannnn, it's really good quality ones, very soft and crunchy (i hope u get what i mean), and the Marshmallow is also really nice, not too sweet. and the best part is, of course, the Chocolate Ice Cream, it's delicious, it's moderately sweet, unlike those that are too sweet and make you feel sick after like 5 minutes. With the creamy ice cream, walnuts and marshmallows hitting your taste buds at the same's just *ThumbsUp* I didn't talk coz I was eating non-stop haha. Now you know how to make me shut up :D
The Waffle is also nice, but just the part without the sugar sprinkles coz that choco-sprinkle part is way too sweet. Maybe you can choose the nut one instead of sprinkles.

It's been a while since the last time I see her and it feels really good to see her after so long and start exchanging our entirely different stories from different places that we've experienced throughout the months. 
I loveeeee listening to stories hehe....
And yea, once again, Thank You Fiona!! It was a really really awesome day for me. Hope we have more days like this to come :D

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