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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Molten Lava @ 1 Utama + Daorae again.... :D

Haizzz, i know i know, this time, instead of FOOD, you guys will be like, "Whaaattttt??? MACAROONS again????" All thanks to Vince :D who treated me delicious macaroons and funnel cake to celebrate my bday. So where are the yummies this time? Molten Lava at 1 Utama.

Macaroons! 6 for RM19
From left : Lemon, GreenTea, Black Sesame, Rose, Raspberry and Durian. 
Lovieeeee the colors!!
Well of course they taste delicious. It's just the texture that is slightly different from what I tried before. Some of them are not that crunchy, well just some. But again, they still taste awesome! :D 
Love Lemon, Black Sesame and Raspberry.

Funnel Cake with Strawberry Jam and Ice Cream -- RM 10.50
Funnel cake is one of their specialty. The reason to it's name is because it uses a funnel to make the pattern of the cake. To me, it's nothing close to cake lol. It taste like waffle, but the texture is like "Yao Zha Guai", very very crunchy. With the Jam, Ice Cream, Cream and also drizzle of Chocolate, sweet+crunchy+melting+smooth, my gosh, it's so yummy!!!
One cake is enough for two persons.

Yeap, Ice Cream, Strawberry Jam, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup.
*Thumbs Up* omg I'm so fat.

Idiots R US  XD

I Want Moreeeee!!!!

Well the shop is a really mini kind of cafe. Don't have much seats. 
Most of the people buy and take away the macaroons.

After that, went to the One Buck One Song Sing K session again haha

Next, went to Lotte Mart to buy Vita 500(with SNSD SooYoung's face) for my brother and bought some interesting imported from-Korea drinks
Banana Soy Drink -- Banana + Soya, Healthy Daoooooo
This small lil' packet drink cost RM3.00

Cousin was having Green Tea.
yeap, we r drinking these as a pre-dinner thing LOL
coz we're having Korean BBQ for Dinner woohoo!! Thanks to mummy and daddy.

Went to Daorae once again...

As usual, ordered the same thing except that we ate a Pork Rib Meat this time instead of Beef. It was recommended by one of the staff. and it taste awesome. It was too yummy that we finished it before taking photos....


 and the best part, can watch Music Bank summore LOL We were like singing all the time. 
Btw, It's 2pm's Hands Up and T-ara's Roly Poly

Nice Night view as well. 

My Yuri Bottle and Brother's SooYoung Bottle. 
Sooyoung bottle is bigger lol

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