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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Teadot @ Westgate

Fuhhhhh, finally done with the JB cafehop posts, now time to share with you guys some of my recent Cafehop experiences, outside of JB. 

Teadot @ Westgate, Jurong East. . 

It was the week after our finals ended, my girls who will be staying in SG for the summer were looking for jobs. After their busy jobsearch, time for some relax time and also window shopping with my dear uni-mates at JEM and Westgate.

Bought a cash voucher for Teadot at some time ago, and I guess it's the perfect time to use it. Teadot is a small corner shop at ground floor of Westgate. Simple and home-like furnishing, bright lights, little bit artsy. 

and there you have it, the reason why we 4 girls can't stop snapping photos
It's for sure that you will get different coffee art for every latte that you order. 
It's not your usual fern and love shape latte art, it's a cartoon on your coffee!
They are real smart to use these cute cartoons to win our hearts hehe

Dessert of the day...
Praline -- S$6.70
Delicious. Recommended by their staff, this is definitely one awesome dessert to go with coffee. Rich and thick chocolate that blends with the slightly fluffy and salty caramel layer, and there's some crunchy bits inside that contrast with the creamy texture. I won't call it a cake, it's definitely a type of sweet, a much more complex version of snickers maybe. It's not overly sweet as the chocolate balance off the sugar. 

Matcha Latte -- S$ 6.80
this is mine, with super cute spongebob and patrick star on it. I was so reluctant to destroy the cartoon.
Anyways, this a like a huge cup of latte!!
Definitely twice the size of ordinary coffee shop's latte. 
I couldn't finish it though it actually taste quite good. 

Jingyi's Spongebob on a Matcha Latte

Tired Coffee Latte -- S$6.65
I have no clue about how the name came about. But I assume it's something to do with tired people drinking coffee to be less sleepy? anyways, love the baby-cute version of pikachu here. With sparkling eyes and chubby cheeks hehe. Latte taste okay, but abit too bitter, need some sugar to balance that. 

Monkey art on Huan huan's Latte. 

I think if you're going to spend one whole afternoon over there. chatting with your best friends or use your laptop or even read a book, this place is definitely worth going coz your beverage can probably last for the whole afternoon. The beverage is really large in size. For people who whined about how lattes are served in small cups, you might wanna come here for their mug-sized lattes. Besides the coffeeshop favorites, there's also breakfast menu and a wide range of creative beverages for you to choose from. and just like the name suggests, you definitely want to try out the different types of TEA BEVERAGE that they offer!

Like finally I can truly smile and enjoy a cup of latte after finals ended. 

2 girls posing with their beautiful lightbulbs background. 

knock-color day

hehe the ladiesahemahem aunty for the day:
Huanhuan, Jingyi, me and Limin
Miss you girls!! TT.TT

Teadot @ Westgate
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate #01-08
Singapore 608532

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