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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Sem 2 Diaries

I've been so occupied with posting about my cafehops that I forgot to talk about the fun memories I had in NTU sem 2

Owh yeah as much as I hate studying, Uni is still the best experience u can ever have in your whole life.

Took me some time to track down some photos...

So my last Uni-post ended in February, after CNY. Gosh when fun CNY hols was over, reality hit me so freaking hard. So many things to do in so little time. Loads of mid terms coming up, assignments and of course, club stuffs and of course camp stuffs. Some of my friends say I'd taken too many commitments, and yes I guess they're right. I didn't really measure how far I could go before taking up the tasks. But luckily, things went fine.

So some of the highlights for the semester:

1. FOC Outing: A day out with our camp committee members for bonding and of course fun. Went to the beautiful Sentosa beach and we enjoyed ourselves so much that even foreigners wants to join the fun.

haha this is my fave game
OK I didnt join them but this was one of my favorite team-building games
Roll over peepo!!


was given the privilege to MC as well
didn't do very well, hope it'll be better next time.

CPs at Work

2. Malaysian Sports Day 
A day where Malaysian Undergraduates in all parts of Singapore gather to have fun and build friendship through sports. It's a collab between MSA and AMCISA. Grateful to be part of the committee, took the role of Chief Programmer. We started our planning since the previous semester, and I must say, the planning was one of the toughest that I've faced in my life. Coz sports event is totally new to me, and I really lack experience when it comes to overseeing details of this event. Learned a lot from this, and of course, made lots of awesome friends from our committee. We had so many meetings, and for most of the time, I was gonna vomit blood coz there's so much to do, but still, I love our regular meetings, it's the time to meet my dear friends from both amcisa and msa. 

and of course, we had fun along the way
CPs Day Out at Students Recreation Center
Lied on the running track and take photo like a boss
Can't open my eyes LOL

Our D-Day
great to work with all da friends from MSA and AMCISA

I was in charge of dodgeball, best game ever hehe
But I kinda screwed up, the rules were kinda messy. 

another fun highlight: Tug of War

My fellow CPs
Yeap, I was burned...

and roasted
LOL laughed so hard whenever I see this photo

Photo with my subcomms for Dodgeball game
Thank you guys so much for helping out. 

3. Earthlink Events
Loads of Earthlink events this semester. Kinda regret that I didn't join many of them. As boring as it may seem, all the environment conservation related events actually made me learn more and at the same time, it actually felt good to be part of all these events. For my division, I joined the Greening NTU campaign, where we aim to encourage people to reduce the use of disposable containers and plastic bags. Conveying the message was not exactly an easy task, as you need to convince people to change their usual perceived value of using disposables. Then there's Greenfest, a mega event that brings together all parties that are pursuing environment conservation works. Animal care, energy saving, reusable ink, recyclable phones, these are all the interesting topics that you can see at the Greenfest. It even got featured in Channel News Asia! Shortly after that, joined the Earth Hour outreach program, where we have knock at every single door to tell them about Earth Hour. We were only able to reach several blocks, but I'm sure all this little reminders will pay off someday. Then there's more of the fun events like Subcomm Appreciation Night and Trial Camp. 

Earth Hour Outreach Program

Subcommittee Appreciation Night

Greening NTU Campaign

Greenfest Envisage

Trial Camp

So that pretty much sums up the main events throughout the semester. Let me just whine a little bit more about last semester. It was CRAZY. My calendar was densely scribbled. Meetings (loads of them), assignment deadlines, midterms, assignments from club activities...I really salute to all my other friends who are taking much more subjects and also much more commitments than me. Time management was really important, and I know I suck at it. I just can't give up facebook and dramas LOL 

Anyway, now I recall, I only remember how I kept on whining about how stressed I was. But now I can't seem to remember exactly how much stress I felt at that time. Kay read the sentence one more time if you don't understand what I'm trying to say, haha. It's amazing how everything goes on no matter how stressed you are. And once it's over, you barely remember what you've been through. So don't push yourself or fear too much, keep calm and do whatever you can.  

Okay enough with the whining, just a little bit more about my thoughts. Just wanna say thank you to all the people I've worked with throughout the semester. My assignment-mates, coursemates, friends, fellow committee members, bosses. Thanks for all the help that you've given, they maybe small but they all contribute to a meaningful memory. 

Lastly, some photos with my dear 4-in-Love
these girls are the one who kept me strong and always cheering me up whenever I'm stressed out. Studying together, eat together, laugh together, all these mean so much to me.
Thanks for the company, can never imagine how things will be without you girls. 

Final photo:
放监la!!!!! Sing K with my dear econs gang after our finals ended. Had KFC while singing to Mayday!! Super syok!!

@TeoHeng KTV

Anthony, Yohn, WaiLeong, Huan Huan, Earthlink, Tracy

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