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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore ...again with my darlings

Photo sharing yo! This is my third trip to USS and my very first time going with friends since the previous trips were with my cousins. went with ma uni BFFs and God knows how funny the trip was LOL Too much fun that can't be explained hahahhahaha....So for this trip well, not gonna comment much about the rides that I've been to, please read my previous two entries about USS rides and attractions. Trip 1 Trip 2 But there's a short comment about the Sesame Street ride which I haven't been to and some changes that I see in USS.

Hehe finally an outing for the four of us 
I just realize four of us rarely hangout outside of NTU, if we do go out, usually it's only 3, never 4.
It was after our finals, and the Holiday/StressRelieved/Playful Mode was so damn switched on.  

Madagascar: The Crate Adventure

Far far away

The beautiful castles that makes me wanna come back...

sun was too bright and glaring, jingyi's our eyes turned into a straight line haha...

At the Shrek Kingdom's Versace store
My first time to spot this shop cause it's at one of the corners..
Laughed so bad  

The Lost World

owh yeah see how jingyi pursed her lips
The River Rapids Adventure took us more than 1.5 hours to queue for it
Not exactly worth it coz we missed the Waterworld show

Ancient Egypt

love the mega size statue here

Lunch at Discovery Food Court (The Lost World)
This is nice! I think it's called the Vegetarian Noodles. Crunchy and yummy. 

The rather too oily soup wantan mee. Wantan is delicious as you can taste one whole fresh shrimp, but the broth was too salty and too much of the shrimp flavor.

Favorite ride of the day: Transformers
though personally I prefer Revenge of the Mummy.

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase at New York area
well I guess it's too much of a kiddy ride, so the line was super short, i think we didn't really wait. Unlike the super long queues during the initial launch. But it's a cute ride afterall, brings back my childhood memories. If the lines are short, it's quite worth it to just sit back, relax and look at the cute and fun characters from Sesame Street.

Monster Rock show at Hollywood
the only live show that we watched on that day
still love the awesome dancing and singing of the show. 

Mission Accomplished!!
Meet the Minions!!
Oh yeah this was like our ultimate goal of the day, we missed the photo session twice!!!
Luckily we manage to take a photo for the last round. They definitely are the super stars of USS now. 

Some thoughts...
It's fun afterall, coz I have my dearest friends. Laughed a lot. 
But I guess, coming for the third time does cut off some of the excitement during the rides. It's still fun la, and I'm still obsessed with the Mummy ride haha, can't get enough of it. 
For this visit, it was great that we went during a normal weekday, no school holidays, nothing. So the crowd was significantly less and the queues are really short. The Revenge of The Mummy and The Transformers ride took only 10 minutes and 30 minutes respectively can you believe it? You know how I panicked while walking through the creepy waiting lanes of The Mummy ride coz there's just no one LOL straight to the ride. The only one that took us really really long time was the River Rapids ride, there was like 2 times of delay announcement, and it took around 90 minutes till our turn omgggggg..... 
If you don't take that into account, you really don't need the universal express pass for the rides. Anyhow, I guess we went in late, around 12pm, so we still weren't able to go for all the rides. But at least the main ones are covered hehe. The only drawback about going on a non-peak day is that the there are limited live shows. For each show, there's only two showtimes per day. That's why it was really hard to arrange our time and once you missed it, there's no second show edi. So yea, really need to plan accordingly. 
What are the changes? hmmm....first of all, the cylon and human ride is gone!!! EMO though I'm super scared of that ride, but I still loved the challenge. Now the most thrilling ride is the mummy and it's nothing close the to human cylon one. Really hope they will restore something fun soon. Other than that, I see a lot of sesame street and minion stuffs, especially their specialty shop Big Bird's Emporium and Minion Mart. Kinda disappointed with the minion mart actually, lots of cute minion stuff but the items are not exclusive to USS. So didn't buy any souvenir this time. 
Anyways, I hope they will build the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I know I know, it's a dumb dream, but still, can I just hope? would be awesome if they have it!!!

Now, another thing I liked about our trip, photos time!! Here's some extra shots:

Ended our trip at Vivocity's rooftop, chit chatting while having a beautiful night view of Sentosa across the sea. 

You know how people say, your best friends in Uni will be your best friends for life? I kinda doubt this statement at first, but now I truly believe it. The bond with these 3 girls are truly different from my other friends, they felt like sisters to me, sisters who would laugh with me, talk with me, take care of me while I'm away from home. Really appreciate all the love and care from you guys, Thanks girls. 


  1. awesome! i havent been there before :(

  2. awesome! i havent been there before :(


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