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Thursday, June 05, 2014

The JB Cafe Hop: g Cafe @ Mount Austin

The fourth stop of The JB Cafe hop, and we decided to spend the afternoon at the BEARY-warm, BEARY cute and BEARY family-friendly

g Cafe @ Mount Austin

unlike most of the hipster cafes whose interior are usually based on vintage, sophisticated and chic elements, g Cafe's interior gives a home-like feeling, with comfy chairs and sofas that belongs to a living room
besides, the place is brightly lit, with paintings and also little ornaments hanging on the wall. It looks both like a living room and a tea lounge. And of course, the main character of this coffee shop, BEARS. You see them on the wall, the menu and even a statue at the entrance to welcome you.

Menu offers specialty coffee, wide range of desserts and also mains like pasta and burgers. 
Like I said, it's family friendly, non-coffee people will find something for their own.

Flat White -- RM8.50
Quite smooth and a moderate aroma of coffee
Like the accompanying crunchy yet moist butter cookie

Mocha -- RM9.50
Joseph's. Yummy, quite sweet but has a bitter aftertaste immediately.
Vince ordered a German Apple Tea -- RM12.00 (a pot), shown in the first picture.
The blood red tea has a very pungent fruity scent, not a big fan of it, but it taste ok, just with a stronger bitter taste as compared to normal red tea.

Since it was afternoon, we decided to order a few cakes to go with our drinks, just to complete the high-tea experience hehe
Tiramisu -- RM10.90
It's not bad, but I guess i should call it the classic type of tiramisu?
creamy and yogurt-like texture, with mild coffee flavor. I think I preferred those ice-cream like texture more. 

Oreo Cheesecake -- RM10.90
Quite nice, you can never go wrong with oreo, the sweet crunchy biscuits with relatively mild cream cheese. Awesome in both taste and texture. 

Lemon Cheesecake -- RM9.90
favorite for the day, the tangy and sweet flavor with creamy texture. 
Really love this coz it gives a clean and light taste.

chilling out in those comfy seats

Joseph having fun with the humpty dumpty glass that has a spherical bottom

photos with vintage black frame

and that's cute ZeBear at the entrance, balancing itself on a ball...

g Cafe
147, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19
Taman Mount Austin
Tel: 073006063

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