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Saturday, November 04, 2006


okay.....2day i woke up early
but is still consider late
coz i got guides activity
den when i reached there
everybody were crazy reading notes
coz got da sejarah test
1st we played da permainan kim
argh.....we hav 2 touch things.....
smell......n eat n hear
da est 1 was kind of disgusting
coz they gave sugar.....salt n pepper n da ginger oso....
den we went 4 da hearing 1...
den our gruop was da 1st 1 hu go back 2 da starting point
den kye ling go n fool esther's group....
keep giving da wrong direction
den we practiced panji-panji
n studied 4 sejarah
den we went 2 canteen n ate our lunch---fried rice
den......hav sejarah lisan test...
i made it kind of silly
den michelle vry geng man....
she told everything...
den ms.liew was giving me presure coz michelle did it soo well
but i muka tembok....
den we did da panji-panji
we changed our clothes
den go 2 block D
me, mag n esther is in 1 group
well we chose a bad place coz ader groups' smoke all come 2 our direction
den esther went home
oni me n mag
i tak boleh tahan da smoke
mag vry geng man
den raining....
they used da raincoat n shade da fire
finally we cooked sumthin 2 eat
den came home
watched tv
came on9
datz all.....
2day was fun

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