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Thursday, November 02, 2006


2day was kinda bored
sook ven din come 2 skul
i think she is sick
esther brought pictionary
but nobody wants 2 play....
coz nobody likes drawing
we played cluedo
dat was kinda fun
2day was da 1st time i play it
we watched john tucker must die at da apd room
damn funny la weih
den 2moro sum of them wanna watch horror films
mag wanna watch rob-b-hood
i wanna watch...
da baby damn cute la
but i hav 2 buy da dvd
my dad allows me n my bro 2 watch jolin's concert
coz is kinda near 2 my hse
is at stadium petaling jaya
my bro was crazy
he wanna buy da vip ticket
i say he gila larr
but got discount u noe
but still need 280 sumthin per person
i think i'll go 4 da 180 bucks 1...
dat 1 my dad will buy 4 me
4 my bday present i think
esther gt flu 2day
she is really suffering
when we watch john tucker must die
she cant tahan da aircond although she sits infront
we shared a chair
o ya
4got 2 mention
pn.sumathi belanja us eat mcD, drinks, chocolates, agar-agar n lotz more
i got take sum chocolate
but finally all been taken buy somebody
i duno hu took it la
after skul....came back
go on9
datz all 4 2day
2moro goin back 2 yuk chai
i nt sure whether i'm goin 2 skul onot
i wanna watch movie larh
but i oso wanna stay 4 da band
it depends on sook ven larr

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