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Monday, November 06, 2006


okay......2day spending da whole skul time on pandu puteri's test
tie-ing knots was kinda fun
we had sejarah test...
is kinda ez lahkay
den got teori test 4 knots.....but i 4gotten all
den i pontenged skul..
i suppose 2 go back 2 class coz i finished d test
since esther they all havent
den i stay there larh
we played at da gim
den we talked bout sook ven
i juz wondering wat is heppening 2 her
when she noe i called her...
den he purposely off da phone
wat is goin on??
esther made sum complain bout her...
munling did so....
da point is kinda worry bout her
currently sms-ing wif her
she still havent tell me apa yg berlaku
den we go 4 test again.....
me n munling discuss
bout da batches dat we wanted 2 take 4 queen's guide
we took da same so we can do it 2gether
okay.....sook ven gave me answer
she say is bcoz of boredness
fine.....den u leave us at da skul??
back 2 it.....den went back 2 class
got our samudra
i look weird in da class pic
den came back from skul
n tell my dad bout da 7 km hiking
i din tell my parents we go there by lrt
if i say liddat
they sure dun let me go 1.....
i dun hav da recruits camp t-shirt
den i suddenly felt so left out
i cant wait 2 go 4 hiking
datz all....
2moro is r.k.a day
my results.....purata is 71.....den my position is 17
haha......opposite tagboard gt sum da tagboard is connected 2 my d ader blog 1.....
soo....... SMILES FROM -JW-

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