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Sunday, November 12, 2006


okay......sry 4 d lack of post
coz da past few days i'm doing my guides theory work
letz start from thursday
well....doing theory work
go 4 commitee meeting
slept at 12
den friday
da whole day doing htery work
but i still cant finish it
i slept at 2 sumthin 2 finish all da stuff
den saturday
is da hiking day
i woke up at 6.30
we were rushing 2 finish da log book
den da miss michelle oni say no need 2 pass up 2day
i was like
wat?? i slept 4 oni 4 hrs bcoz of da log book
den u say no need pass up??
den we have our teams
estee, chian hui, hui qian, kahying, hillary n me r in da same group
we have pacer, bearing drawer, map drawer, recorder n da task achiver
i'm da bearing drawer den kahying is da map drawer
we must always stick 2gether...
well....we had lotza prob wif da map....
i think we argued a little bit....haha
but everything was settled after da hiking is finish
well....we went 2 kl sentral by lrt
den our journey starts from kl sentral
1st we went 2 national musuem
we hav 2 find dennis
we tot is a human
mana tahu it is a fire patrol car
den we went 2 planetarium negara
freom dat n kahying was lost
duno how 2 draw
coz da map is wrong
we tot a planetarium is da memorial
den we stopped drawing 4 a while
den we reached memorial tunku abdul razak
we hormat-ed infront of da memorial
den we walked 2 musuem polis
den lake gardens
we went 2 da green house
den da track was kinda slippery
den kahying, chian hui, hui qian n kahying almost fall down
i think chian hui kena
den we went 2 find da fountain
n da travellers palm
den went 2 tugu negara
so nice la weih
it juz looked like a palace
well duno y i feel like after da renovation
da tugu is larger
we pose like da tugu negara wariors
it was our task
den we go all da way back
den we ate our lunch at kl sentral
me, kahying n hui qian ate mcd
esther they all ate at secret receipe
but da bill costs 20 bucks per person
den me, kahyin n hui qian walked around da whole kl sentral
we shared on buying anything
den we r late scold
den we went back 2 skul
we discuss bout our hiking
we will meet each ader at mcd
den me, kahying n hui qian will b incharge of our board
den went home
afterwards i'll b goin 2 kl again
my mom wanna go shoppin la
so...ya....c ya tonite

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