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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


okay....yesterday i din blog
coz my mom was way angry bout my results
i dun dare 2 open da comp
well yesterday was kinda normal
without da comp was sumthin weird
den 2day
we went 4 guides test again
we did da panggilan test
me, mag n munling 1 group
actually we suppose 2 b working in pairs
but there was 1 more ppl dun hav couple
den we 3 do 2gether
den went back 2 class
talk bout guides test
hav 2 take lotza badges
gonna b so bz
den pn.lim asked us 2 take off da curtains in da kh room
n wash it
den da stupid washing machine gt prob
da water leaked out
den we hav 2 clean da whole place
so letih
but vry fun
esther stepped out her 1st step 4 not being a 'dai siu je'
den went back 2 class.
boredness comes again
den i saw sum of them cried at da last period
den suddenly me n esther felt we r so idiot
coz we din cry n we r still laughing
mayb bcoz we can c each ader at sat
sum of them cried seriously
so sad......
den came back
esther says 2moro got commitee meeting
well my 'peranan' is 2 replace sook ven again
at mcD
n erm...i gt sumthin lame
i gave my teddy bear a new name
i wont say it out coz is 2 lame
datz all.....holidays starts

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