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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Back to School Shopping

School started yesterday...
really wanted to blog bout my feelings immediately but sadly...
My comp broke down due to overnight usage the night before school reopens.
So yesterday was very fast....
excited to see all my friends again....
and I'm still getting use to being called as a Form 5

(I almost ran to the hall when I heard the announcement for Form 4's to gather in the hall)

(I still write 4 Bunga Raya as my class on the "class" column)

(I wrote 4/1/09 on almost every page)

(I almost passed up my homework to my ex-monitor today)

our teachers started teaching today
and finally there is an Add Maths lesson from Mr. Amara that I can fully understand!!
and I'm very very happy about it.
but when he got started about his own stories...
my eyelids were struggling to open.
Then Bio was next
I got a feeling we will be pretty slow but the teacher's really good....
she taught everything in detail.... Happy...
so then after recess was Program Maju Diri in Hall
we were doing all the survey questions for determining our future careers...
and I scored the highest in 3 (Arts, Conventional and Science) area....
so these question didn't really help after all....

Went to Add maths tuition...
as usual, add maths tuition was fun and happy
with our very lame teacher and insulting-pro students!! =)
then went to Campap Superstore for some Back to School Shopping
and bought lotza stuff....
very cheap!!

Let me do the math
10 single line ex.books
10 single line A4 notebooks
1 Ring File
1 A4 Document File
1 Pilot's Value Pack (6pcs)
3 Campap Highlighter
4 Whiper Mini Correction Tape
and 1 Classic Winnie The Pooh Note Book

Total : RM56 +/-
S0 Cheappppp Right??
I plan to use all these for a year...
Do you think it's possible??
well, half a year at least...

Now I want to share something from the last weekend....

My preparation for The New School Term =)
Washed my school bag and pencil box...
hehe...Body Glove user here =)
after I dried it
I realize I didn't scrub the inner side of the straps...
they are still very dirty now,
but you can't see it!! =)

Bought new socks @ Soxworld...
13 bucks for 3 pairs... =)

Got Free Gift Summore
Some Netting Socks....
My mom tried it and she looked...... ... ... WeirD

Bought Jan Issue's Cleo @ MPH 1u
The Limited Edition Mini Cleo
and that's what you get for paying RM5.60 only

Got this Origin's Skin Care Kit that worth RM40 with purchase of Cleo
Exclusively at 1u's MPH

Some tools I bought from Etude House since they had 40% sales on accessories...
and all these costs 27 bucks only =)

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  1. Happy schooling ya. =)
    Good luck!


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