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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Theory of Efficient Study = Skin Care Regime

I'm trying very hard to blog often
coz I know if I start to blog less
I'll stop blogging someday
so I'm just gonna fill today's blog with some total random stuff

just blog about school in a bit....
Everything was pretty much smooth
did my homework at school
then there was PMD again...
filling up the same old BORANG CITA-CITA
I thought writing the same thing every year might be too boring...
so I wrote :

Pada tahun 2015, saya akan menjadi seorang JuruFoto lepasan Nikonian Academy dengan "Degree in Photography Art" dengan gaji bulanan RM3000.

I know there's Nikonian Academy in Kota Damansara that I wanted to go so badly...
but I'm not sure there's such thing as Degree in Photography Art...
haha....I just simply made up one
and monthly salary 3000 bucks...
haha...I know I was crapping =)
but photography is definitely my interest
just not the profession of mine =)

And before that was some teknik belajar thing...
where we write down all the efficient ways of studying
Then Me and Fiona came up with this theory

Theory of Efficient Study = Skin Care Regime

okay so these are the formulas...
1. Tutorial in Class = Cleanser
*Just to fresh up your mind, therefore we never listen in class

2. Exercises/Homework = Toner
*Makes you absorb what you've learn from class

3. Revision books = Moisturizer
*Extra info to your knowledge

4. Tuition = Essence / Serum
*you've paid the most for this, and you always pay more attention in tuition

5. Past Year Question Papers = 24-hour Emergency Acne Cream
*If you just study all the past year questions, you will at least get a pass in exams...

6. Breaks / Internet / Facebook / Music = Face Mask
*Relaxing and Soothing. Cuts down stress!!

haha.... Makes some Sense right????

Random Picture of the day....
Drinking some 5 Flower Tea from Gong Woh Tong
coz my throat seems very itchy lately....

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