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Monday, March 29, 2010

March out of March!!

March is coming to an end
And it was one of my busiest months
I would just do a short recap of everything that happened...

5th of March : Our school's Hamper Day! "It's better to give than receiving."

8th of March : There was Canteen Day, which I had a super-stress pre-event trauma

13th of March : Interact visits Joyhaven
It was my first time visiting a old folks' home without my parents...
And I had really learned so much about life
All these gong gong and po po's are so nice and they've always been optimistic about life.
We cleaned the place for them, played music for them, talked with them.
They shared so many things with us
we even talked about Mahjong skills (something that u must ask from the elder ones!)

My dear granpa's and grandma's, I'll miss you...

The thought of them leaving the world makes me cry now
and it made me realize that My Parents and My Granparents are so important to me.
I love you all!!

The eldest lady in Joyhaven
She's over a hundred years old now and she's still able to talk to us!

hmm.... random photo :
The baby tiger outfit that I bought for my Piano teacher's newborn baby.
I think I really indulge in buying baby clothes...
Hope I'll have a nephew or niece soon!!

14th of March : Facon Education Fair @ KLCC
Went to KLCC with my girlfriends to check out the Edu Fair
I know we're still too early to attend this event but this edu fair really is HUGE!!
Asked for all kinds of courses since I still don't know what I want to study in the future....
Argh.... I'm so lost!!
Anyways, we jalan-jalan-ed abit in KLCC after that
had loads of fun!!

See? Audrey indulging in the awesome taste of some blue mocktail
served by the Berjaya University College booth.

15th of March : CF Camp @ Peacehaven
School Holidays started!
It's SMKTS's Christian Fellowship Camp
It was my first time attending this camp and I didn't regret it at all.
I'd learned so many things about life and how to live a happy one with God's presence.
I teared a lot during this camp, every word and every melody seems to touch me.
And I felt that I was being brought back to God again after my faith had loosen up.
I really really realized that God had given me so many things
He gave me my loving and wonderful parents, he gave me so many awesome and helpful friends.
And I'd learned to appreciate my friends more, because I know they are doing the same too.

Thank You God, for bringing me to this Peace Heaven.

Friends that are forever...

20th of March : Granma's Bday
Went back to my dad's hometown on sat to celebrate my grandma's Bday
After the dinner, our whole family went to a Karaoke session for the first time!!
I must talk about this place coz it's so cool.
Kay, we went to Malacca's The Jetty
That place stretched from the seaside to the middle of the sea.
And it was an entertainment hot spot.
Got Arena Night Club (which was densely packed that night), then got Snooker and Pool Arena, Cyber Cafe, Snack Bars and Restaurants (including their sate celup!!) and of course The Go-Go Karaoke!!!!
Had loads of fun singing with my all-so-geng cousins!!

The Arena Night Club

Inside the KBox, Through my window
I can see the super beautiful sea view and the town centre of Malacca!

Hehe..My really cute and chubby cousin, Han Han.

That KBox was really huge.
It's 1.5 times of my class' size.

A better view of The Jetty, Malacca.

26th of March : Kem Muafakat
yes....the camp that we GG gang had been stressing about....
That camp was really awesome....
So much better than I thought!
I had loads of fun.
But jungle trekking was dying,
and I feel so proud now when I think back coz i managed to finish the whole course! (and got a leech bite)
I thought team spirit was filling the whole camp.
The form 6 seniors really helped a lot!!
Can't believe we actually pulled the camp together, yay!!
And my Malam Kebudayaan was kinda success....
happy. happy. Happy!!

Kem Muafakat
finally over....
can you see the smudges on the name tag
imagine how extreme it was!!

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  1. you really had a great month in march.. time passes by quite fast huh? =)


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