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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blog Season Ending Post

hmm.... Yes my blogging season is gonna end now
not that I don't like blogging, I love blogging
I know I shouldn't be blogging now but still...... I want to
anyways, My Mid Term is coming and I haven't study a single subject
I'm real stress but lazy at the same time
my singing comp is coming as well, haiz...
really can't find the time and mood to study.
anyways.... here are some random photos that I want to share

Went to Street Jazz class again after skipping the class for one month!!
Street Jazz is awesome!

This is real random : The round egg that I fried on someday.

Hmm.... this woody looking powder was my life saver...
It's the powder Chinese medicine.
It smells super good but the taste...
I think wood taste better than it.

My picture of Not-Studying-But-Hanging-Around@1u
hehe.... taken at my fave spot to read, MPH
can see all the cars on the road down there...

Went to vocal training @ our judge's taekwondo academy above McD, SS2.
then went to have lunch with my relatives
and then we went to 1u again
haiz.....skipping study AGAIN
I grabbed my fave Say Cheese Donut
and ate it @ Converse while my cousin is trying her sneakers.
Then later I kena scold by the SA summore.

Yea... I wont be blogging until 4th of June.
that's the mission I must accomplish now!

See you by then!

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