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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I know I shouldn't be blogging now

I know I should bury my head in my books now.
But blogging seems so important to me!!!

Yes.... I must share about some interesting stuff that happened these days...

1st... Our BM Drama!!!
OMG it was such a blast....
the whole class was united and we had so much fun together!!!

The drama was N times better than our rehearsals...
It was nearly perfect...
yea....due to my mistakes for the sound effects part.
But somehow the recording shows that my sound effects wasn't that screw up than it was suppose to be. =)
5 BR Rocks!!!

Hehe... My beloved sound effects CD.
Oh... I must give credits to
They made my life so much more easier.
You can look for all kinds of sound effects over there.

And today,
Was literally my most painful day.
I was cucuk-ed 4 times at my fingers.
My bones were pulled and jerked by the doctor as if I'm a ragged doll.
I heard all the "krak" sound when the bones are being jerked.
Super painful.
But there's a part that I cant explain...
Though it was painful, I wasn't scared at all.
But dunno what in the world happened to my tear ducts.
I cried like crazy.
and I was so embarassed.
anyways... I wanna thank the doctor la...
He's amazing, a Chinese Medication Doctor lerr....
After the poking in my fingers...
My throat was immediately relieved...
As if some magic happened.
Now i feel more confident to face my singing competition! =)

It was like repeating the blood typing experiment for four times.
But at least I expected it.

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