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Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night

Another nice and fun weekend with my cousie....
Went to The Curve at night to watch a movie.
I'd booked Cathay Cine's Tickets for a dozen of times
but last Saturday's movie was the first Cathay movie ticket that I collected over the years....

Anyways, we went to Kim Gary for dinner
that place was f-ing hot
and according to my cousin
the waiters weren't in their best attitude
okay, let's talk about the food :

Mushroom Rice with Chicken/Pork Cutlets
I think it's quite yummy coz I love mushrooms.
The cutlets are crispy and not too hard, so it's kinda okay.
But I just didn't like the corns too much.
But it was okay after all.
I think this dish costs 10 bucks.

My Cousin's Nissin Noodle
I thought it was kinda okay
the noodle was abit hard though, the soup was still okay.
but Vince thought that it was pretty much bad
What can you expect in maggie noodles??
This noodle costs around 8 bucks.

For Drinks we kept it simple
Milk Tea

Yin-Yong (Coffee + Tea)

So in total we spent less than 15 bucks each.
which is pretty good coz we were watching our purses.

Then watched the movie - Date Night in Cathay Cineplex.
I must say, the seats was super comfortable,
and I didn't felt really really cold.
I love that place, and I sort of think of the cinema as my own house
So I laughed like some idiot during the movie
After the movie
a few dudes from the front row turned around and stared at me.
and I felt super super Pai Seh.

The movie wasn't really long, One and a half hours in total.
So we took our time and jalan-jalan-ed around The Street.
I must say the nightlife at The Street was really really hot.
In contrast, the shopping mall was super quiet.
And all the shops were already closed at 10pm.
Hello? It's saturday, can't you extend your business hours??

So we were walking back and forth on the street.
and of course we camwhored lorr....

Movie Review : Date Night

Starring : Steve Carell and Tina Fey
The story talks about a couple who took another couple's dinner reservation,
then they ended up in trouble.

This movie was totally hilarious...
The greatest impact that this movie did to me, is my constant using of the F letter.
The way they say the F word was super funny.
It didn't sound rude or harsh.
But just simply funny and makes you open your big mouth and laugh.
okay anyways
I thought the actors were really really pro in the comedy part.
If i'm not wrong, I guess they don't really have a script.
They were just free-speaking, impromptu style.
yea.... but I thought the story wasn't that coherent after all.
I mean how a boring couple from New Jersey got the guts to find the gang boss and talk to them,
after being aimed by a gun on their face??
If it's me I think I'll be scared till death.
Maybe they're trying to show their courage....
okay anways.... The storyline just didn't make enough sense.
But it was good enough larr...
Since it's just a show to make you laugh =)

"Why can't you just put a F-ing shirt on?? " - Phil Foster, Date Night.

Right - Left
Tina Fey as Claire Foster
Steve Carell as Phil Foster
Mark Wahlberg as Holbrooke Grant, the only client that Claire remember, probably bcoz this guy likes to be topless.

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  1. does date night nice? consider go to watch this gotta review the other comment first haha


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