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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

When I was 12
I saw the word grooming at a pet shop

and from that time onwards I thought that grooming is meant to be a animal-use verb

after the search in dictionary,

grooming noun ( TIDYING ) /ˈgruː.mɪŋ/ n [U]

the things that you do to make your appearance tidy and pleasant, for example brushing your hair, or the things that you do to keep an animal's hair or fur clean and tidy

yea... so I wasn't half wrong after all....
anways.... I think grooming IS super hyper duper important
why?? bcoz the dictionary says so.
It makes us look pleasant and presentable

sometimes people might take the word grooming a little Over The Top

Well groomed doesn't mean that you have to comb your hair FLAT like Mr. Bean
or Tie your hair into a braided ponytail

To me, well groomed means you don't mess up other people's senses...
which also means that you look, feel and smell good...
(forget about tasting good and hearing good!!)
I would just make sure I'm comfortable under my own skin and others will be pleased by my appearance, that's all.

So Grooming Tips No.1
No Messy Hair
Your hair pretty much tells you how much effort you put to present yourself.

See? Gorgeous rite?
As long as your hair is in place.
Nothing is gonna mess you up.

Grooming Tips No.2
Obey the dress code.

Depending on where and what you are going to.
Wear clothes according to the scene.
Being too outstanding like Lady Gaga doesn't give you extra marks!!

Grooming Tips No. 3
Make sure you smell good all the time.
Okay, maybe I should change it abit.
You don't really need to smell god, but just don't smell bad.
Like I said before, Body Odor is a Super Turn Off no matter how much effort you put in Tips 1 and 2.
Never ever mess with other people's Senses!!!
Just spray on some perfume.
If you want to keep things natural and also long lasting.
Choose Adidas Deodorant

It keeps sweat at bay, leaving you feeling fresh all day.
There are different types of formula to suit your own need.

Yes, that's my primary 3 grooming Tips.
But I think keeping your face clean and putting some make-up might be vital as well, because it actually brightens your look.

Just stick to this main concept : Don't do anything that messes with other people's senses.

I'm sure you'll look good with it.

Yay, Project Alpha Season 2 is up already.
Just watched their 1st episode.
Stay tuned to it ya!!!

This week's project alpha talks about the reunion of season 1 bloggers.

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