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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road trip with my broadband

Oh....road trip with my broadband....
This will be on the top of my mid-term-holidays-to-do-list

hmm...let me see....
maybe I'll jusr share about my plan for the hols....

I think I'll be going to Malacca....
I know it's the Nth time I visit that place
but I always forgot to bring my camera with me
and we didn't really visit the tourist attractions other than shopping
so this time I'll definitely bring my cammy and take loads of pretty photos of the buildings, museums, replicas, culture, food, people, the malacca river, the nyonya house.... the list goes on and on

hmm let's see.....
The first place that I'll go would probably be the Revolving Tower

Must have a good view of the placer ma...
No doubt it will make me breathless

then, go to all the Historical Buildings like Stadhuys, A Famosa, Portuguese Square

then I'll definitely visit the Baba and Nyonya Heritage house

I've been dying to see the setting of Little Nyonya
so unique....

Then the really cool museums like Muzium Samudera and Cultural Museum

I remember this place was a hot MTV filming spot in Children Songs MV =)

oh oh oh......The awesome Churches like St. Francis Xavier's Church and St. Peter's Church

I just read about Francis Xavier in Sejarah today
but apparently, I don't remember anything about him already...
must check this place out =)

Not forget to visit our local historic sites such as Hang Li Poh's Well, Hang Tuah Mausoleum

The nighttime ....
Dinner at Ole Sayang, a nyonya cuisine restaurant which serves super good food!!

Then go to Jonker street and take a cruise ride at the Malacca River

For supper, of course Satay Celup la then maybe can go to The Jetty summore

The next day can go to the Taman Mini Asean
and the must do-thing : Shopping at Makhota Parade or Dataran Pahlawan

as you can see, the lower part of the post seems so boring rite??
why?? becoz no photos and nice descriptions....

That's why it would be awesome to post all my pictures and blog about whatever I'm feeling and thinking at the same time.....

It wouldn't be possible without a laptop,
and of course you'll need
a wireless broadband that gives you high speed connectivity wherever you go...
and more important, It doesn't add weight to your backpack stuffed with cameras and clothes...
I adore the tag line!!
yes!! You can even go online and play games while you're waiting for your bus =)
Get your Wiggy Now!!!

oh check out Project Alpha season 2 this week :
It's Niki Cheong!!

apparently, his chinese name is beng beng, so cute rite??

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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