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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mumblings of a Girl after her Mid-Term Exam

Finally exams are over....
ok fine not wholly over, exams are never gonna end in your entire life
unless you have too much money or too little money lor....
anyways.... exams are over
and I thought I didn't do really well
and I feel guilty for using the tips given by my friends...
I think I'll screw all the papers except english which I got 87% (super-happy)
I missed a lot of things during exams....
especially blogging
so now I'm gonna blog a whole lot of stuffs....

Okay so there was my Brother's birthday
which I'm a bit pissed that day
coz his friend called me jie-jie (elder sister)
and FYI my brother is 21 this year!!!!
I was so zha-dou that I didn't care much and fb status-ed right away!
anyways i think my brother had a lot of fun...

Happy Family
why the S so contrast wan?? I know, coz my brother is the Super Man!!!

The friends helping out with the cake.

Can you believe this is a Secret Recipe Cake??
There's something I must say about the cake.
The cake looks very scary to me.
I mean the wordings in Red and the Red and Orange Roses by the side....
they look super "fill in the blank"
I dunno how to say, It's just look a bit China-apek style for me.
U know the Chinese Dish with 2 fake roses on top?
Yea that's what reminds me when I saw the cake...
Super Zha-Dou

Then there was Wesak Day
well I'm not a Buddhist but my family members are
plus my Uncle and his family came so I went to this household temple with them.

And of course there's shopping and eating larr....
Cute Baby Joseph eating Mango tong yuen
he'll always be the baby of the family...
@ A Little Dim Sum Place, SS2

Must review abit..
The Japanese Seaweed Fried Rice
quite yummy but make sure you wipe your mouth after eating
coz the seaweed flakes are kinda messy...
On the right is Sunshine Bun (a bit retarded after peeling)
My favourite and I think they have the best Sunshine Bun!!!

The still-in-primary-school-and-already-in-university siblings
Oh congrats to baby Joseph for getting 2nd runner-up and 5th place in your swimming competition!!

OMG if this is fairness.
I rather I don't have one.
haha....found this in female magazine.

Then went to 1u on Sunday again
OMG we went to Charms again

Mocha Frappuccino in Venti and Latte in Grande
Yes, I didn't shop that day
went to Starbucks to study chemistry
I'm suppose to study until 6pm
but Ms.Cousin cannot tahan so we went shopping at 5pm
(Window-shopping in my case)

There was this Charms Cheerleading Championship going on
I think Thailand won for dunno which category.

Hehe, the only thing I bought...
Buttons ring @ Deeper and Harder
for RM1 only!!
I love that shop, you should check out the cashier.

The symbol of exams...
Brand's Essence of Chicken
hehe... No need to drink edi
and I actually forgotten to drink it this morning
no wonder I screwed Chemistry paper...haiz...

But I'm sick now...
feel like chopping my nose off...
and here comes my random blue object of the day...

Breath Right nasal strips
well technically it's not blue in color
only the packaging is...
but still a blue stuff..
well this strip is super useful for people with sinus or nose blockage like me
but this is useless when you're having a flu
because no matter how big your nostrils are
the bloody mucus will still flood and block your nose.
argh.... I hate my nose....

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