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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cats Love coming to My House.....and I don't know why.

Another week had started, I start to think that I'm really wasting time
gosh but there's nothing much I can do
I found a weekend job but that person wants to place me at another venue, so end up with NOTHING.
Anyways, I realize there's loads of cats visiting my house everyday.
I don't know what they want,
they just lie down at the porch
kind of like crying screaming sometimes
and of course, they have CAT FIGHTS every now and then
I really wonder why they love my house so much
And the thing is, most of them are owned by someone
They all have a bell tied around their neck and they all look cute to me despite I hate cats...
Maybe their owner tortured them or something.....

Yea I was boring enough to talk to them LOL
I told them things like
"Stop crying larrr"
"I think you got the wrong house la"
"I'm sorry but my mom wont let me keep you T.T "
"you're hungry is it??"

One of them came to my house every single day for two weeks
and I started to name it "Baby"
I was kind of sad when Baby didn't comeback again
I was worried, 
cause there was a really heavy rain and storm the day before
dunno what happened to it T.T

These cats are really cute
I don't know why no one take them as pets?
okay maybe I should ask that question to myself....
That's Baby, picture kinda LQ
It has deep violet color fur patches
damn pretty I tell you!!!
But it has an owner already
really hope that it found its owner =)

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