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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Again, my blog was dead for another few days,
I'm still in my 3 months break
I know I should have blog more since I have all the time I need to blog
but the thing is, this break is pathetically lifeless....or in this case I call it blog-topic-less
Other than playing the piano and laughing to the PC while watching TV shows online,
I pretty much have NOTHING to do
which made my mom so upset that she scolded me every single day
It's worst than my school days back then...
Well it's not that I didn't want to work or something
I just can't work full time
I looked for weekend jobs but it got canceled at the last minute
For these few days, the first website I will go whenever I turn on the comp is
haiz.....u think I don't wanna work mie...

Okay enough of whining, well I don't have much to blog about
but I suddenly remember about this thing that I'd seen many people blog about

Yea, I often see this title on Innit
well since I just received mine recently then I might as well be as happy as those people and type more exclamations mark!!

I must say, I never expected a Nuffnang cheque,
I've been blogging since form 1 which is like 2006
but I only know about Nuffnang when I was in form 4, 2009.
They say you have to earn at least RM50.00 which is like 200 ad clicks to have your money cash out...
That's like impossible to me since my blog is kind of dead and I can tell you no one reads my blog
If you're reading this, I'm sure u r either a first time visitor or you accidentally clicked my blog or something like that...
But blogging is still something i like to do....hehe
I think I love to crap or share something random....
but somehow, I manage to earn this much, 
Thanks to Nuffnang and Project Alpha
I really enjoyed blogging about the Project Alpha topics (check out the label of Project Alpha)
But I'm still happy even if I didn't have the Project Alpha earnings
coz that means I actually earn RM12.25 by ads only!!!!
which is like 50 clicks I guess
haha.....very happy edi =)
Thanks to the people who visited my blog, really thank you for reading it!!

I'm still gonna blog no matter what....
Once again, Thank you so much Nuffnang
When I opened the envelope and saw the cheque
I was really jumping at the speed of 10 jumps/second....
My mom was really happy too =)
She use to think that I waste a lot of time on blogging..
Haha now you proved her wrong, blogging can earn money too!!
Thank you so much Nuffnang, Thank you so much Project Alpha and also Thanks to my readers.

I can't wait for Project Alpha Season 3!!!
I love the featured bloggers in the precious seasons, they are just so cool, really admire them!!

A nice song to end things....

Banmal song a.k.a Song for First-Time Couples
by Jung Yonghwa of CN Blue
just released on Friday...
It's a really sweet song....
Yongseo Couple forever!! <3

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