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Monday, January 03, 2011

Filmstrips of 2010

It's already the 3rd day of 2011, I was re-reading my blog posts in 2010 and I just realized I have exactly 100 posts in the year 2010. Nice number heh? 
Haha 2010 was indeed an AWESOME AWESOME YEAR!! I think the best year I've ever had as a student. This year was really happening and actually, I'm surprised with how much interesting events and awesome memories I had throughout the year. 

So let's go month by month.

I was officially a form 5 and yes I'm still in the Class of 5BR
As always, January is the month that I'm most hardworking in homework.
Nothing much happened, there's only Co-curricular Activities Registration Day and some PMD

So let's just skip to the next month...
hmm I remember I was the class Photographer to take our Senior page photos
so I brought my brother's DSLR for almost everyday
took loads of photos and really proud to be the one to capture all these wonderful memories
Check out the Photo Album

Then CNY came, I think it was Valentine's Day too
anyways, as usual, went back to Daddy's hometown, then went for a trip with My Uncle's family to Bukit Tinggi and also Tasik Chini, Pahang.

This time we went all the way to Tasik Chini @ Pahang!

Then there was this MCC concert, hosted by Leo Club that happened at the end of February.
Went with my fellow Interact and Leo friends to support them.
It was really a great concert. 

Then here comes March
The busiest month in a year.

Firstly, there was Hamper Day
It was really a cheerful day, to see them dance in front of us. Their smiles and adorable movements was really touching and motivating me at the same time. I remember I was really stressed during that period because there's so many events to plan in March. But after watching their performance, my heart seems to be more calm =) Now I think this wonderful culture that Taman SEA have is really good!!

It's always better to give than to receive. This is so true.

Then the next week. Canteen Day
This was the first ever event that I plan in my whole secondary school life.
I've never planned any events before despite I'm a committee member in both my Clubs and Unit coz I know I'm not good in planning at all. I was kinda reluctant when I was asked to plan this coz I know i will screw up everything. From planning, to preparing to selling, nothing was easy man. Quarreled with my mom summore. Wa it was my first time feeling so stressed out. But Thank God, at least it I didn't screw up anything at the end. And I'm really grateful that I had this opportunity to experience all these, at least now I know, organizing an event is complicated and stressful.
Thanks to all my Juniors that helped out that day. 

Then it was time to participate in some club Activities - Interact Club's Visit to Joyhaven
First time visiting an old folk's home without my parents around LOL
learned a lot from all these "Gong Gong" and "Po Po"
They were really nice and they were very cheerful. But despite the smile they have on their face, I can still sense the loneliness that they're having when they speak to me. It seems like they have no one to talk to. It was really nice to listen to their stories and chat with them. I promised that I will go back, I'm sure I will.

The next Day, went to Facon Edu Fair with my Girl friends =)
At that time, It was still too early for us to go there since we were still form 5 students. 
I think those people must be thinking "These girls, SO GIASU, haven't graduate but already looking for college" LOL!

Then it was Mid Sem break, participated in CF camp for the first time!!
Totally awesome camp, packed with fun, knowledge, friendship, faith, tears and joy. Glad that I was able to be a part of this. Thank God that He brought me into this camp.

Next, celebrated my Grandma's Bday and went to Sing K with my cousins
That day was really a memorable day coz it was the first time, our father's side extended family which is like more than 20 of us went Karaoke-ing. I would admit that I'm not very close with my daddy's side cousins. But this karaoke session kinda brought us together. It was pure fun man, all my cousins can sing like pro! Nothing would be better than a Karaoke session with my cousins.

Then here comes the Camp that I've always wanted to join since form 1.
Kem Muafakat!!
My mom nvr let me go to this camp despite I had the chance. Well you know my mom la, she's so scared of me getting bitten by leech till death or me falling into the river etc etc
But I really begged her for this one, plus I was the Treasurer, no reason for me to not go!
Learned a lot of things from this camp and know many friends as well. Love my teammates. I love it when we were preparing our meals. That's the best. I really thought that I will die in the middle of Jungle trekking, but felt extremely good after finishing the course, and kena bitten by leech as well, for the first time =) The teachers and form 6 seniors were really helpful too!
 Except the left-up photos, the 3 photos belongs to my friend Carena Lim.

A month of competitions.
First, had our BM Drama competition which is one of the best memories I had as an 5BR-ian.
I was the sound director in this drama LOL haha it's my first time on doing all this sound effects stuff. Spent a lot of time but it was really worth it. The outcome was really nice. Well, I did couple of mistakes during the play haha. But our class still won Champion!! hehe Thanks to the awesome director and casts and crew and teacher and also the whole 5BR!

Then there was Singing competition organized by Chinese Society
My first time taking part in this coz I was always the committee in the previous years...
I must say this experience was really nice. Learned and polished my singing techniques, met awesome singers in my school. I love it when we were warming up together LOL! Thought I didn't win but I'll always love singing. well there's after all only 4 finalists in the finals, so I guess I'm not that bad afterall LOL!

Preparation for Mid Term
well I didn't really prepare la, I only started studying at the week before mid term.
There was Wesak Day, went to these house-style temple with my uncle's family

 Then there was my brother's Birthday as well

June also quite a happening month I guess....
There was holidays, so took part in this College Life In One Day program organized by Taylor's University College. Met a really nice girl called WeiXin and 2 of us explored the entire Lakeside Campus. I remember my team broke the egg in the egg-dropping challenge. haha, it was loads of fun!

Then met my cousin's cousin for the first time LOL she's a really nice girl, very fun and crazy LOL!
Really loved that day we went out, it was so much fun!

Then there was this Oxford and Cambridge English Event @ Sunway University College
Why is this memorable? Because it's an only 5BR-ians event! It's sort of like a first outing for us. =)

Then then then, performed at our school's Teacher's Day
practiced alot for this, it's my first time performing a dance on Teacher's Day
Really loved the whole process, from practicing, rehearsing, then dressing up and putting on our much fun. Pink Panthers rock!!

Next was the Australians' Visit to our school
This is was indeed a memorable event. I remember I wasn't chosen to be one of the facilitators, well because I obviously suck in art. But I really really wanted to be a part of this, really wanted to meet this foreign students, (please understand me, I'm a girl that has been trapped in M'sia for 17 years). So I was brave enough to ask Puan Norna to let me be the facilitator. and OMG she said yes immediately. haha....showed these visitors how to paint batik though I have no sense of creativity at all. They were really friendly, and they shared a lot about their school and also their culture as well.

hmmm......quite happening also
this is the month of school events
So there's Sports Day a.k.a Marching Competition Day
Really stressed throughout the training period. sometimes the juniors are just damn irresponsible. Now I know how it hurts to my seniors when I turned them down in marching and other events. Then I was part of House Deco as well, for the first time. Thought we didn't win, but I still think the process is the best part =)

Right after Sports Day, went to this 180 Musical at DUMC church.
It was a musical about making the right choices in life. Really enjoyed it.

Gosh I'm so dark after marching.

Next, Interact's Installation Day
well I was suppose to FFK this event but after my friend's encouragement, I auditioned to performed solo in this installation for the first time. Glad that I was brave enough to sing on stage, haha, felt really happy after hearing my friend's praises (though I know I didn't sing well). Had a great day with my Interact buddies.

Next, Soccerthon!!
I'm pretty sure it was my first time playing futsal eventhough it's already the 3rd Soccerthon. This was the event that we 5BR-ians were so looking forward to. All of us were praying for our boys team to win. But turns out that the guys lost. But I'll always remember how we cheered for our team, how united our team was =) The girls team did very well too! The Jersey is the best thing I have as an 5BR-ian!

The Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Month LOL
Had my disastrous Piano Exam on the first week which I failed.
Had Chinese Society's Installation and we, the outgoing committee members performed a dance. And again, the best part was the process! I can tell you we seriously practiced like dunno how. The dance steps weren't that easy and some of us are new to dancing and we were really nervous and worry about the outcome. Made a few mistakes but I think our dance was still okay. The whole installation was very fun, for the first time I can actually enjoy the game instead of being the committee member! Then there was a special performance by our incoming BOD which almost made me cry. They are just soooo cute. Will miss them.

Went to LeeHom's showcase too, it was so packed!!

A month of sadness
It was suppose to be Trials-Preparation Month
But turns out to be a month to mourn and cry
I lost my only grandfather....
I still cry whenever I think of that month
The sudden death of my grandfather made me cry almost every day during the whole week of the funeral.
I wasn't ready to let me grandfather go. It made me cry more whenever I see my grandmother cry, it killed me when I saw her crying in front of my grandfather's coffin. Until now, the memory of seeing my grandfather lying in the coffin still make my tears fall. I miss him so much.
I'm just sad, that's all, life has to go on. I remember me and my cousins are all studying at the funeral LOL

My knees after kneeling for more than an hour. But I must say, the Taoism rituals were kinda funny at times. 

I was having trials exam at the first 2 weeks
then started to prepare for the REAL SPM
Nothing much happened.....

Went back to JB for my grandfather's.....I don't know what is it called, a memorial??
 Celebrated my cute cousin's Bday too =)

Last month of Highschool
yea, everyone was pretty much in the mood of SPM studying but the last day came
everyone kinda relaxed abit on that day, have to treasure the last few hours to talk with my classmates as highschool student....

There goes highschool, started revising for SPM edi
 A compilations of the beverage I had whenever I study in Starbucks!


SPM was still going on
went to my aunt's convo and met my future uncle and future cousin

Then hOORAY!!!!! SPM ends and straight away went to Red Box for Karaoke session!!
 Sing K is the best thing to do with my friends LOL!

Then went back to JB again for another memorial of my grandfather.
 Had fun at the memorial park and also swam(not really) at StarHills

And my last trip in 2010
a KL Backpack travel with my friend Miu Yinn!!

The next day, had a gathering with my primary school's friends. 
The games were really funny.

Phew.....finished going through the year 2010
I think this is an really awesome year coz there's so many things that I did for the first time!!
And I'm so happy that I was able to take part in so many things. It's really fun for me. and f course it is unforgettable. I will miss everything in 2010 but I'm now looking forward to this awesome 2011
kayz......Happy new Year!

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