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Monday, January 10, 2011


Whoopsie, sorry for not updating my blog for almost a week
Last week was busy yet boring at the same time
Well I spent my time watching 公主嫁到 (Can't Buy Me Love)
This show is so damn funny man
after watching it my whole family are speaking in rhymes
My mommy says : "Jiawen you should've watch this before you Chinese SPM exam"

 Love this show, had a healthy dose of laughter =)
吃包吃得多, 情路越坎坷 ----- by 金多寿 LMAO!!

Hehe, typed wrote all the Chinese words by using a writing pad that my dad bought recently, can write Chinese easily now =)

Saturday, went Yumcha-ing with my friends and talked a lot haha....
You don't need a bunch of friends, just one or two good ones are enough.
This line is soooooo true!!

Then there was STAR Education Fair Last weekend.
I know what I want but I'm still very undecided. Gosh All the Pharmacy courses are so bloody damn expensive.Should I give up?? haiz......
Whole Bunch of Brochures
(Now I know who are the biggest murders of trees) 

Narrowed down my choices

I'm gonna do A-levels first, then Hopefully MPharm (2+2) 
Total cost of tuition fee
A levels - RM20,000++
MPharm - RM140,000++ (If the value of pound increases, I WILL DIE) 
Grand total - RM160,000
Gosh I think I can die.....
Well I can't wait to start college now but I seriously can't afford the tuition fees for now. 
I'm praying hard that I will receive a scholarship.

During this whole week, I was actually looking for weekend part time jobs. Found some really cool part time job websites, but sadly, haven't get any offer now.
If you're interested, check out all these part time job sites.

Kays, that's pretty much about it. Guess I'm gonna rot for 2 months.... can't wait to get into college now!!!!

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