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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Will be dating my Piano for 3 months from now.

Gosh.....I almost fainted yesterday....
After viewing the Grade 8 Piano Exam Pieces book
for the 1st view, I was looking at how many pages each piece has ----- A LOT
2nd view, looked at how dense(packed by music notes) the pages are ---- DAMN A LOT OF NOTES
3rd view, looked at the speed for each piece ----- DAMN FAST
4th view, looked at the dynamics and melodic decorations ----- DAMN A LOT OF CHANGES
5th view, looked at the key signature ----- DAMN A LOT OF SHARPS AND FLATS

can die liao.......T.T

after that, played the audio CD
almost fell asleep, the songs are really long despite the fast speed
I started to rethink, am I suppose to take Grade 8 this year??
I'm pretty sure I'll fail...
Grade 7 was nothing compared to grade 8
but I've already failed grade 7 let alone grade 8???

But I guess I should try after all, that's the only thing I can do in this 3 months
there should be no excuse to fail......
I seriously don't know what to expect now....
just hope I can at least play all the notes without stopping

Kay I'm just whining over here......
guess I'm too bored now
after 13 years, my first January without school....
it's just so weird, dunno whether I'm happy or sad.....
Gonna keep myself busy by practicing everyday!! =)

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